Oliver North Comes To Nixon Library And Claims Iran Will Soon Dupe Barack Obama

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North: GOP hostage deals with radicals are better
Conservative rascal Oliver North arrived last night at the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda in good spirits and ready to be a salesman.

North--the U.S. Marine major caught in Ronald Reagan Administration shenanigans involving trading arms for hostages with Middle East radicals--delightfully recounted each of President Barack Obama's scandals, issued a rallying call for all things Republican, impersonated Dick Nixon's gravel voice and made a prediction with international implications.

Iran will soon abandon its nuclear program and the Obama White House will unwisely lift sanctions, he claimed.

"The next big scandal and I'm talking just weeks from now is going to be how the United States Government responds when the Iranians make an announcement that they've ceased their nuclear program and we're now going to sign a deal with a bunch of other countries saying all sanctions are now lifted," said North with a dramatic, conspiratorial tone he employs on Fox when he mentions Democratic Party presidencies.

The Orange County audience--overwhelmingly dominated by folks with silver hair, pale pigmentation, hearing aids and, probably, coupons for 4 p.m. Sizzler dinner specials--moaned in disgust.

"I don't have the gift of prophecy, but I'm going to tell you that's the next thing to happen," said North, who'd been invited to the presidential library to hawk his latest novel. "It just happens that this book deals with that."

The audience laughed in appreciation of the shameless plug.

Working with co-author Bob Hamer, Counterfeit Lies is an "explosive new thriller" involving a Southern California setting and available beginning on June 10, according to Amazon.com's entry.

North planned to sell his book at Camp Pendleton today.

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sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

To be fair, former Hamaas spokeman stated today that the PLO's promise to recognize Israel was only said to get

USA money and weapons

So Obams is either more naive than even Hillary said or he is anti American as most

clear thinkers know


What got me to leave the right is their love of Texas but their opposition to illegal immigration. Guess who is number 2 and a million ahead of New York and Floridia in illegal immigrants the Great State of Texas which employes about 2 million people from Mexico and Central America without there papers. The consistent I love Texas by OC Republicans sent me packing from the GOP>


That's rich coming from the man who embodies the very definition of dupe.  Follow the money trail and it will reveal that Ollie profits on this one. 

JGlanton topcommenter

If you're much too intolerant of silver hair, hearing aids, light skin tones, and Sizzler specials (are there still Sizzler's around?), you can wait until June 14 for Obama's visit to Laguna. This event will surely keep out the uncool and infirm. And the unrich.

President Barack Obama will attend a $32,000-per-person, invitation-only fundraiser in Laguna Beach on June 14 before traveling to Angel Stadium to deliver the commencement address to UC Irvine’s Class of 2014.


Traitor says what?


From the looks of things, they better hurry up, it's a LONG LINE!

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter


what got me to leave the Dems was the realization that they were keeping

blacks to use as pawns so that they could stay in power


No no, they are plagued by "scandals". No real scandals, just "scandals".

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@JGlanton Somehow I doubt the Nixon Prezzie Library faithful, poor people drooling over Oliver North will be in attendance either at Angel's stadium or Laguna Beach for Obama.


IRS was a "scandal", yes. NSA program is doin what it's been doing for decades, not a scandal exclusive to Obama. Benghazi was a "scandal". We don't leave soldiers behind. You may hate the troops, but the president does not. Russia and Syria did what now? Oh, back the fuck off? Yeah, real scandal there. Perhaps you'd send more troops to leave behind. We all know where you "burry" your head and it ain't sand.


Yeah, he might not get re-elected, huh? You apparently know Jack Shit since you apparently share a last name, Dip Shit. You should also remind yourself that the VA (and veterans) has been treated like a red-headed stepchild since the founding of the republic. So, again, not a scandal exclusive to this administration. Benghazi is still a "scandal" and you or anyone else has so far failed to explain how a press conference makes a scandal. God, I hope you idiots keep this up. I hope you guys turn up the heat to 11 and your faces turn purple over Bergdahl. I hope you keep screaming like the inane children you are untill after November. Your un-american, soldier-hating attitudes will really resonate withthe voters. Maybe you guys can move to russia so it would be easier to suck putin's dick.


They's need 66 senators to impeach and they know they don't have a case so it's all so much bluster. Pathetic GOP can't even be bothered to attend a Whitehouse briefing regarding Bergdahl so they go and run to Fux "news" to complain about not being given information. Craven huxters and faux victims are the backbone of the GOP and Tea Bagger Traitors

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