VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! on Whether It's Homophobic to Chanto "Puto!" During Soccer Matches

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Mexico is having a hell of a FIFA World Cup...and of course, something comes along to fuck it up. In this case, it's Mexican soccer fans, who just love to chant "¡Puto!" ("Faggot!") during a soccer match. In this week's video version of my ¡Ask a Mexican! column, I tackle the subject as if it were the fresa face of Chicharito.

One point I forgot to cover in my video: Mexican soccer fans are notoriously un-P.C., as evidenced by them chanting "Osama! Osama!" when the U.S. side played Mexico at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City back in 2004 and even more. Ah, Mexicans...enjoy!

Is it Homophobic for Mexican Soccer Fans to Chant "Puto!" During Soccer Matches? --¡Ask a Mexican! from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

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