Little Saigon Loan Shark To Be Sentenced In September By Federal Judge

On-duty cops patrolled bikini cafe for arousal or for a loan shark?
The federal judge overseeing the FBI case of the Little Saigon businessman, who recently admitted guilt stemming from a loan-sharking operation that allegedly used a Westminster Police Department cop as the enforcer, will be sentenced Sept. 15.

U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter quizzed Kevin Khanh Tuan Do and then accepted his guilty plea on June 13.

Carter also re-scheduled the trial of remaining defendant Anthony Duong Donner, who is accused of using his cop job to aid Do, until June 16, 2015, inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

An FBI wiretap and surveillance operation resulted in the August 2013, charges against the men for illegally charging 60 percent annual interest on a loan to a Vietnamese American immigrant who owned a coffee shop with bikini waitresses.

Hanh Le, the owner of the shop, has filed a separate civil rights lawsuit alleging that Do and Donner as well as other police officers routinely harassed her, her employees and customers in the scheme.

Donner, who apparently lived rent-free at Do's Fountain Valley house, has pleaded not guilty and is no longer on the force.

Do remains on bail until his sentencing hearing.

The case has gained notoriety, in part, because Do had ties to politicians like Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen as well as Westminster city politicians Andy Quach and Tyler Diep.

In fact, prior to his guilty plea, Do had asked Carter to block prosecutors from introducing trial evidence involving his dining and drinks dates with politicians.

Cops have tried to explain away time spend on-duty inside the bikini cafe as merely an interest in ogling hot waitresses.

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Ah that's the OC life I tell you. Going to a Vietnamese cafe and then an Asian Massage Parlor right next door from Rub Maps 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

IIRC -- There is no maximum interest limit on Commercial Loans to Businesses, only individual personal loans.

18usc241 topcommenter

Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen as well as Westminster city politicians Andy Quach and Tyler Diep need to explain to the people of Westminster CA what exactly was their association with this man accused of the harassment of a business owner. And the sooner the better.

Just like Bruce Broadwater needs to explain the disgraceful criminal behavior of the Garden Grove police department towards me occurring under his nose as he bounced between being a city council member and Mayor throughout the nineties and first two decades of the 21th century. And last but not least Dalton - ex Garden Grove cop turned Mayor.

It should be a crime for an OC law enforcement officer to run for politics here.


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paullucas714 topcommenter

What is the ex-cop facing as far as sentencing? And why would any prosecutor agree to hide evidence that implicates any politician?

And finally last stanza, first line, SpenD should read spenT

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

I think those gals in the picture are cute...and I'm a lady who's about 95% hetero...

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