Would Finding Jesus Inside The Orange County Jail Aid Killer At His Sentencing?

It took three trials to convict a methamphetamine abuser for a December 2002 shooting rampage that left a vehicle passenger dead, but despite that lengthy battle the killer offered his "sincere condolences" to the daughters of his victim during a June 20 sentencing hearing.

"This was not something that was intentional," a weeping, 49-year-old David Benjamin Rodgers told the women. "I'm truly sorry. We were just partying."

Jeanie Waterson, the 44-year-old passenger in Rodgers' Pontiac Grand Am, was shot in the heart and arm at the intersection of Sand Canyon Avenue and Alton Parkway. Rodgers shot himself in the foot.

The final jury decided the killing wasn't murder but rather manslaughter.

The victim's daughters said they forgive the defendant even though his crime devastated their lives.

"I'll never get to hear my mother's voice or hear her talk to my kids," one daughter said. "But I do forgive him because that's what my mom would have wanted."

In hopes of winning leniency from a potential 33 years to life in prison punishment, Rodgers--a convicted felon prior to the shooting after forcibly sodomizing a 16-year-old boy--told Superior Court Judge James Stotler that he's found God inside the Orange County Jail.

He quoted the Bible repeatedly, noted he coaches other inmates on scripture, proclaimed regular AA meeting attendance and declared himself sober by rejecting all the pruno and drugs he says are routinely available inside the Orange County Jail.

The presentation ended with Rodgers' defense lawyer asking Stotler to give no more than a 22-year sentence by striking one of the defendant's prior strikes.

Homicide prosecutor Susan Price said she appreciated Rodger's statements of remorse, but noted the wild shooting--five shots inside the car--occurred about a year after the defendant emerged from prison on the sex crimes case and when he wasn't allowed to possess a weapon.

Rodger's rap sheet includes burglaries and robberies too.

"He's unable to follow the rules of society," said Price.

Stotler concurred.

"What happened in that car was never clearly described," he said. "A woman was shot in the heart. There were multiple shots. The front windshield was blown out. It was a totally unnecessary killing."

After encouraging Rodgers to "stay on the straight and narrow," the judge handed the defendant a punishment of 25 years to life in prison.

"Thank you, your honor," he replied.

Given that Rodgers has been in custody since 2002, he won 4,829 days of credit to be subtracted from the term.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Price comforted the victim's daughters.

"It's over," she said of the 12-year-old case.

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18usc241 topcommenter

In Sheriff Sandra Hutchens' jail, you can find everything from drugs, cellphones, anal and oral sex with outside visitors, deputy inspired hand crafted escape plans etc etc etc.

What you can't find are answers to questions like:


why deputies and Anaheim cops keep referring to you by a different name and nervously change the subject when you call them out on it


why a white male trash deputy deliberately harassed you at the lunch hall


why an Asian trash male deputy threatened you with hospitalization but not before separating you from everyone else so no one could hear

But my favorite question Sandra Dee, why did Brad Gates enter into a criminal conspiracy to violently harass me in the 1990's around the time that I was working on Colombian engineering surveillance projects on behalf of an American company originally based in Stanton.

Answers to those questions are unavailable inside or outside Sandra Hutchens jail. Even when it resulted in the lose of millions of dollars of Orange County CA taxpayer dollars.

And that's because you are masters of the universe like Bernie Madoff or pedophile priests or Mike Carona.


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JGlanton topcommenter

I had a relative in-law that went to prison for multiple counts of child-molestation. Rape.  He found jesus in prison, became a pastor, and got out after serving 1/2 sentence. He never once admitted responsibility for his actions, never once recognized the lives and the families that he wrecked. None of it was his fault, it was somebody else's fault. In other words, he found jesus but nothing happened.  Nobody thinks he won't molest again.

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

Ever notice all born again christians found jesus upon hitting bottom due to drugs, alcohol, depressions etc? Finding jesus is a psychological survival mechanism alternative to suicide. It's a mental delusion. But, happiness trumps reality.

949girl topcommenter

In custody since 2002 on this case?  Talk about an unspeedy trial, maybe he was an informant?!  25 to life seems high for a manslaughter conviction, that's what first degree will get you.  So it sounds like it is possible to potentially serve life on manslaughter.  2002 to a 2014 conviction is ridiculous.  

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

If this scum really found Jesus I hope Christ would spit on him and put him on an express train to hell...:-(

BillxT topcommenter

Sounds comvincing to me. I often shoot myself in the foot while partying. Often at work, and other activities too.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter


One of the things that annoys me the most about "Born Agains" is that they were allowed to find Jesus and embrace Christianity in their own time and by their own choice but the rest of us have to convert right now and without question because they say so. I thought faith was a voluntary endeavor.

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