Hector Luis Perez Faces Multiple Felonies After Marble From Slingshot Shatters Cop Car Glass

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Photo by Yug/Wikipedia Commons
Not the slingshot in question but a reasonable fac-weaponry.
If you're going to fire your slingshot at someone other than Goliath, it'd be best to make sure that someone is not a cop.

Or the cop's cruiser.

Otherwise, you might find yourself in the predicament of Hector Luis Perez. The Santa Ana 37-year-old faces felony vandalism and assault with deadly weapon on a police officer for allegedly firing marbles from a slingshot at a cop and smashing the back window of a patrol car.

This happened around 10:45 p.m. Thursday while Santa Ana patrol officers were stopping a car related to a felony case in the 1700 block of West First Street. Someone who was not involved with the suspect car began slinging glass marbles at the officers.

Courtesy of Santa Ana Police Department
Hector Luis Perez faces multiple felony counts.
The cops were not hit, but one marble did strike and shatter the rear window of their police unit, according to the Santa Ana Police Department.

The cops on the ground called for air support.

Orange County sheriff's helicopter "Duke" arrived overhead at the site of the slingshot slinging, police say.

Three possible suspects were found in the rear yard of 1712 W. Second St., according to police.

A review of the copter's in-flight video surveillance system "positively" identified Perez as the primary suspect, police claim.

He was then booked on the multiple counts.

Don't know if the slingshot was recovered.

But check out the photos on the next page ...

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Only in SanTana will you find people dumb enough to do shit like this.

paullucas714 topcommenter

@WhiteyAlmighty If it was some white kind on south Orange county he would be facing 2 days picking up trash on the freeway instead of felony charges.


Paullucas714- don't defend stupidity with bigotry. The only thing I hate more than cops are the people that are so stupid that they make me side with cops. This would be one of those instances. Whether it's a14 year old tagger that got pinned down in a park or an idiot who shattered a cop's car window with a marble, there are some idiots in SanTana that the Weekly potrays as heroes or martyrs.

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