Irvine Company Employees Created Shell Business For $2.6 Million Swindle, DOJ Says

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Greed will get you new golf clubs!
Upon him winning the job as Accounting Manager at Irvine's Glovis America, Inc. in 2009, a man known in U.S. Department of Justice records as "P.L." launched a scheme to steal from the Hyundai-tied company with an accomplice, John Wootae Kim.

Kim signed a guilty plea with Assistant United States Attorney Jeannie M. Joseph this week that conceded the two-year scam resulted in more than $2.6 million in company losses, crimes that expose the defendant to a maximum punishment of 60 years in prison.

According to the plea, Kim used to create a fake company with a similar name to the victim, opened a JP Morgan Chase account and received a commission for funds P.L. diverted.

Joseph believes P.L. used the loot to pay for auto insurance, personal loans, credit card bills, mortgage payments and gambling excursions.

Kim acknowledges he used his portion to pay restaurant, bar, grocery store and gas station bills as well as buy golf clubs.

Once the wire fraud plot was uncovered in 2011, Kim--born in 1970--admits he tried to close the fake account and withdraw remaining funds to coverup the crimes.

His admissions mean he can't ever vote or join other, more accomplished thieves by holding public office.

A sentencing date has not yet been scheduled, but you have to expect the IRS Criminal Division is already preparing a special income tax bill for Kim.

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JGlanton topcommenter

Speaking of fraud (and manslaughter), good old kareem ahmed was indicted today:

Ahmed, the president and CEO of a company called Landmark Medical Management, is accused of masterminding the scheme and faces charges including conspiracy, insurance fraud, and, most dramatically, involuntary manslaughter, according to one of two sealed indictments issued by an Orange County grand jury both dated June 17 and obtained this week by TPM.

In the second sealed indictment obtained by TPM, the Orange County grand jury brought 35 charges against 12 of Ahmed's associates, including a number of physicians and chiropractors and former Landmark Medical Management Vice President Bruce Curnick. The defendants are accused of conspiring with Ahmed, who is not charged in the second indictment, and the counts include insurance fraud, kickbacks for patient referrals, and false claims. The doctors accepted millions of dollars from Ahmed between 2010 and 2013, the second indictment alleges.

Just following up from OCWeekly story here about, errrr, Republican corruption or something:

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

"His admissions mean he can't ever vote or join other, more accomplished thieves by holding public office." LMFAO

I imagine the verdict will go something like this: slap on the wrist, tip of the hat, that's all folks.

paullucas714 topcommenter

One only loses their franchise to vote in the state of California while they are incarcerated in a s ate or Federal prison or while they are on Parole for such. Once parole is discharged one gains back their right to vote. Their franchise so to speak.



One nitpick:  "Discharge" is what happens to debts in a bankruptcy proceeding.  The government discharges the debtor's responsibilities to repay the debts.

Parole, however, is government supervision of criminal defendants who have already served their sentences in state prison (or a CCA facility masquerading as a public corrections institution).  Persons who "successfully complete" parole are given back their right to vote because not only have their paid their debt to society (and usually paid restitution to their victims, while covering the costs of their own incarceration via forced labor while they are inmates), they have ALSO submitted to years of half-assed supervision by a caseworker who didn't have the intellectual fortitude to just go ahead and pass licensing exams to become a social worker, and who didn't have the physical fortitude to pass the training to become a prison guard. 

Nowadays, parole officers rake in tidy sums and collect public pensions for doing little more than administering random drug tests and checking arrest records to ensure that felons aren't sharing any social activities together - like attending 12-step programs together, for example.  

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