Is David Vieyra Orange County's Heisenberg?

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Straight outta Buena Park?

Have Santa Barbara police nabbed Orange County's Heisenberg? Or would it be more accurate to allege David Vieyra is our Gus Fring?

The 31-year-old Buena Park resident probably is not concerned right now with which Breaking Bad baddie most aligns with his alleged occupation, which according to Santa Barbara PD narcotics detectives is high level methamphetamine supplier.

Courtesy of Santa Barbara Police Department
David Vieyra brought his family along for a drug drop, according to detectives.
His mistake may have been eschewing Los Pollos Hermanos big rigs in favor of schlepping drugs up to Santa Barbara area dealers himself, if we are to believe the cops. He was stopped along with his wife and two young children in the 500 block of Bath Street in Santa Barbara, where detectives say they found a pound of meth.

The narcs then got a search warrant for the Vieyra home in Buena Park, where they say they found two more pounds of meth. Three pounds of meth, which could fetch up to $150,000 on the streets if it's of Blue Ice quality, would be enough to send a junkie into the mesosphere (or methosphere, heh-heh).

However, it appeared on Breaking Bad that Walter White or Gus Fring stored much more meth than that. Of course, that fictional pair was also smart enough not to keep product in their homes.

Vieyra was popped on suspicion of transportation of methamphetamine, possession for sale of the drug and child endangerment.

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where do you guys get these figures?150000?what year and what state were these inflated prices made up? I live in anaheim next to BP a gram at the height of meth prices would of been 70 bucks to some suberb kid with no clue even at the lowest level .1 wood go for 10 dollars. But not today not for years now a teen is 40 to 60 and a ball is 80 to 125 it gets lower as the quantity goes up an average oz is 400 to 600 depending who you know. a qp is less that 1600 a lb would be less that 6000 most likely less than 5000 no where near 150,000 even if you sold a whole lb for 10 dollars a point it be 2800 an oz times 16 equals 44800 you would be selling dimes all day idk where you would sell so much sh$t I haven't met a rich meth dealer yet even the cooks are broke but you will have me believe that i can make 150000 off of 1lb? did you check the purity of this lb? I bet its cut. there are 448 grams in a lb if you do the cop math at the price they say 150000 divided by 448 grams equals $334.82 a gram a bunch of BS but you good guys you hypocritical sinless robots will accept what your oppressors tell you won't you. No one ever questions the BS law enforcement puts out. have you ever seen a rich meth dealer?Im sure somebody is getting rich but not the guy with kids selling lbs to make ends meet cause the fucking rent is too high in the OC. guess what everyone just about does meth if they didnt why is it everywhere?No one wants to admit they do it but half the public does.

949girl topcommenter

Jesse once kept some in the cupboards near his kitchen sink.  

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@949girl I know Walter White. Walter White was a friend of mine. Mr. Pinkman, you are no Walter White ...

949girl topcommenter

@MatthewTCoker @949girl Pinkman is the only one that made out in the situation.  His cupboard stashing ways paid off afterall.  

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