Dana Rohrabacher Does His Jenny Craig On Twitter?

Rohrabacher: I consider the limes in my cocktails as daily fruit intake
On Twitter yesterday, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher announced he'd gone on a much-needed "amazing fruit" diet and lost seven pounds for summer beach excursions where he carries a boogie-board up to the shoreline and searches for never-arriving courage to tackle half-a-foot waves.

Daily dining off of campaign contributions from corporate fat cats can be hazardous to one's waistline, don't you know?

A few years back, beer chugger/bandana donning Rhonda Rohrabacher, who on paper is a congressional spouse, skipped the dieting routine and went straight for the operating table to shed her excess weight.

Anyhow, here are the Tweets from Orange County's senior, career politician:


But MEDIAite.com is reporting that someone must have hacked Rohrabacher's account, which is obvious to anyone who has seen the hefty congressman waddling around Costa Mesa this week.


And Rohrabacher felt he needed to confirm his victimization:


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