VIDEO: Dodge Ram Driver Harasses Cyclist on PCH, Throwing Water Bottles and Calling Him "Faggot"

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NOT the Dodge Ram douchebag
In the annals of truck driving, the Dodge Ram is almost exclusively the domain of douchebags. So it's no surprise that in the latest case of cyclist harassment--this one happening on Dana Point's stretch of Pacific Coast Highway--it's a guy on a Dodge Ram with THREE antennas in the cab who's the culprit.

Here's the video:

"They threw water bottles at me (you can hear them when they hit me and bounce to the ground)," writes cyclist Bryan Larsen on his YouTube page. "Screaming profanities at me. And this was the third time they blew exhaust on me. I was definitely quite scared."

At :35, you can clearly here a female voice call Larsen a "faggot"--and then, of course, the throwing of the red plastic cup plastic bottles and what Weekling resident cyclist Dave Lieberman says is called ""rolled coal"--accelerated really fast with a diesel engine to cause black exhaust smoke."

CLASSY. Larsen tells us the plate is from Ol' Virginny, TX65-500. If you have any info on this douchebag, por favor contact the Orange County Sheriff's Department, which is the meanwhile, drive Ford!

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