Boss of Orange County Company's Accounting Department Caught Embezzling

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Beginning last October, an Orange County accounting department boss in a collapsing marriage and in personal debt embezzled $225,500 from a family-owned packaging company.

To violate federal wire fraud laws, controller Kevin Hess created a bank account that appeared similar in name to the Paper Mart Industrial & Retail Packaging's legitimate account and diverted corporate funds.

According to court records, he used the money to buy Los Angeles Angels tickets, shoes, clothes, gym membership and to pay rent, car loan, home improvement projects, income taxes as well as make charitable donations and take a Las Vegas vacation.

Hess--born in 1970 and a past L.A. Fitness employee who attended Brigham Young University as well as Golden West College--was bold; he transferred funds as much as $30,000 at one time to his own account.

We know all this because the number cruncher was caught at work, admitted guilt and turned himself into the FBI.

Authorities seized more than $42,000 in unspent company funds, according to court records.

This month, Hess signed a guilty plea with Assistant United States Attorney Jeannie M. Joseph.

He remains out of custody.

The statutory maximum punishment for the crimes is 20 years, but the cooperation will substantially mitigate any sentence at a future hearing inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

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Could only imagine the stealing he did at LA Fitness.


what does the blond on the book have to do with this story?  I even read it twice before commenting, and nothing had to do with the Hot Blond and her cheater book..

 The way you all write stories, I would of thought you guys liked mexican girls only (sola)...Not smokin Hot Blond Bunny Types...and why the cheaters show logo too?  you had Me thinking the Hot Blond was some Bimbo Whore up to no good..being a naughty bad bad girl sitting on some old mans lap taking all his money and fortune...   instead it was about some 40something accountant trying to keep up with the kardashians and stealing from a packing plant.

JGlanton topcommenter

Clever boy.  But no clever enough.

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@processlife Your therapist bet us $5 we couldn't draw you out of your emotional shell.

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