Drawings of Mystery Woman Whose Body was Found in Casper's Wilderness Park Released

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Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department
Do you know who this is?

Three months ago, we showed you photos of clothing worn by a woman whose remains were found Jan. 6 in Casper's Wilderness Park, in hopes the shots could help Orange County sheriff's investigators identify her. But she still has not been identified, so the sheriff's department hopes newly released artist drawings of her face might further help.

Perhaps it would help if you took a good look at the drawings on the opener page and then visit this page:

Public's Help Sought in Identifying Woman's Remains Found at Caspers Wilderness Park

That links you to the large images of: a small sized ladies dark colored windbreaker embroidered with the words "Coach Williams" and a logo depicting a volleyball or a water polo ball; a pair of dark colored athletic yoga style pants; and a pinkish speckled short sleeved or tank top t-shirt with a black line design.

It was not shown in the earlier photos, but the woman was also wearing a bright green hair "scrunchie" band.

Based on the preliminary investigation, it is estimated that the remains may have been exposed to the elements in rural southeast Orange County for at least six months. The lady was a petite female, at least 30, with shoulder length wavy dark brown hair with light colored highlights.

She also had a very distinct gold colored dental bridge on her left lower jaw and possibly had a broken nose at some point in her life, according to the sheriff's department, which is not yet saying whether she is believed to have been a victim of homicide.

If you think you know who it is, call the sheriff's Homicide Unit at 714.647.7055 or leave an anonymous tip with Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855.TIP.OCCS (855.847.6227) or via occrimestoppers.org.

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Kara Brussow
Kara Brussow

Auburn Sportswear appears to be a small company...perhaps they have order records?

949girl topcommenter

It's very sad that no one has reported her missing, maybe she wasn't from this area.

Urs Gonzales
Urs Gonzales

Her build and attire suggest otherwise. I played water polo it looks like a polo ball. I am sure they have gone to the schools in the area or googled the info. I hope they find her family.

Martin Oliver
Martin Oliver

The "Coach Williams" polo jacket may have been purchased at a thrift shop.

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

Amazing this woman hasn't been identified by now. I wonder if the distinguishing clothing was put on her to throw everyone off.

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