Andrew Michael Casper the Friendly White Supremacist is Set Free!

All photos courtesy of Orange County District Attorney
Good behavior kicked loose Andrew Michael Casper.
My colleague R. Scott Moxley told you four years ago how a federal agent had bragged about government authorities successfully infiltrating and disrupting Orange County's most notorious white supremacist gang, the "haters and cowards," as the fed called them, of Public Enemy Number One Death Squad (PEN1).

Some of the 34 hoodlums swept up in Operation Stormfront would go on to receive life sentences, but one just won his freedom.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Patrick Donahue did inform Andrew Michael Casper last week that he would have to report to a probation officer within 72 hours of his release.

Cops: OC White Power Gang "Disrupted" in Undercover Sting

Casper, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy and street terrorism charges, spent more than four years in jail before Donahue gave him credit for nine years thanks to good behavior.

From appearances, the judge was looking at a totally different man. The mugshot that opened this post shows you the heavily tatted Casper (nicknamed "Baby Bear" and "Lil' Brody") of 2010. When he went before Donahue, the shaved head was now covered by long hair, which was tied up into a ponytail.

Donahue, according to a courtroom report by City News Service, wished Casper luck and urged him to "stay out of trouble."

"Absolutely," Casper replied.

It was a quiet ending to one part of a roaring case. During a Santa Ana press conference back in December 2010, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas hailed what he called "the largest sweep" of white-power gangsters ever.

"Some very, very, very serious bad guys have been taken off the streets for a long time, if not for life," remarked Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens at the media event.

Wayne and Ruthie "Mama Bear" Marshall upon their arrests.
Orange County and federal authorities had targeted PEN1, a white power gang born in Costa Mesa-Huntington Beach that was run from behind bars by Wayne Jason Marshall. The shot caller for the Aryan Brotherhood would communicate his orders for mayhem on the outside to his wife, Ruthie "Mama Bear" Marshall.

Casper was among five gang members found guilty of beating and extorting money from another hood, Jeremy Ball, after receiving orders from shot caller Marshall.

A placard put up at that 2010 news conference indicated Casper was arrested for two incidents that found him charged with: one count of extortion by force or threat; two counts of street terrorism; one count of conspiracy to commit murder; and one count of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. For each case he also faced a sentencing enhancement for criminal street gang activity and a prior strike for a 2007 robbery.

Of the 34 Operation Stormfront arrestees, at least three got life in prison.

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As a former gang member/gangster [white] from Huntington who terrorized orange county and San Bernardino/Riverside county for years I will say this about him and the countless others in The OC:

It's a choice. You can say what you want to say about these people but until you know one of us [personally] you don't know the facts. It's a much bigger picture then "hope so." The problem with "our" choice is that it can get us killed. You quit your job at Albertsons and that's. We [try] quit our "job" and you get green lit. That's killed for the Uneducated.

There are rules and regulations to the game just like any job; but this job and turn out fatal. You can't just leave. You can't just "step away." There is no retirement plan. You don't put 25 years into the game and then get your pension. It's a much more sinister deal then that.

@Hitman: do you know these people, personally? I doubt you do but you sure can get on the net and run your mouth. Like I said: if you don't involve yourself with certain things then don't speak upon it. It's not your business and you do not know the 1st thing about this man, only what the paper tells you. I'm not supporting this guy or his choices but at least I have knowledge to speak about it. See, if you saw these people [including myself, even though I have been gang free for over 5 years] you'd be the 1st you run to the other side of the side walk and put your face towards the cement. What I'm trying to say is this: shut your mouth and have some respect. But since you do not know what I mean as for as "respect" regarding this topic, go ahead and run your mouth.

In closing: we all have a choice in life. Some choices are easier then others. Some aren't. Take that into consideration when reading about these individuals and assuming...

And Matt Coker: you really are a sleaze. The OC Register should of fired you long ago.


Score one for Mr. Casper. Obviously there is much more to this story then what is printed before us. Do I believe Mr Casper is a changed man? There is a possibility? But it's more likely he played a very good game. Mostly the entire case has fallen apart due to the lack of evidence and inability of OC to form a gigantic prosecution! My personal experience with this man and those which held him captive have made me extremely Leary of the entire system. How one looking at a double life sentence at one point and now walks is incredible. Unfortunately I can say because of my experiences with both sides of this case my life will never be the same. I must end my comment or it would rattle on forever.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

Inquiring minds want to know: have any restrictions been placed on Casper dictating who he can and cannot associate with after being released? Have any "gang injunctions" been put in place for PEN1?

18usc241 topcommenter

I used to call the white male civilian garbage used by Orange County CA law enforcement to harass me "white male crack addicts" but on retrospect they seem to be better described as white power Nazi member types. For Disneyland attendance sake, I sure hope the world doesn't come to find out that psychopaths in OC law enforcement have been using Nazi gang member garbage to terrorize German Santos - the Latino American man.


@fish, No, He is allowed to pick up where he left off! A gang members job is never done!

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