Activists Rally Around Samuel Sixtos-Gomez, Nabbed by ICE and Facing Deportation, Separation From His 8-year-old Daughter

Samuel Sixtos-Gomez and child
Samuel Sixtos-Gomez came to the United States as an 8-year-old. Now the father of a citizen daughter the same age, Sixtos faces deportation since he crossed without papers. The Santa Ana resident wanted to resume studies, earn his G.E.D. degree, and apply for Deferred Action (DACA) protection, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detained him instead.

At a rally outside the Santa Ana ICE Field Office last week, Marta Sixtos told a Spanish-language news reporter that her 25-year-old son was walking down the street when taken in under the pretext of an unpaid ticket. Activists that organized the event say Santa Ana Police made the stop. ICE didn't give details as to what agency apprehended and turned him over in their authorized statement to the Weekly.

"Mr. [Sixtos]-Gomez, whose immigration history includes six previous removals--in 2007, 2008 and 2009--was transferred from local custody into ICE custody on April 18," says ICE spokeswoman Lori K. Haley. She made no mention of any criminal record in commenting on his case, but did allude to his multiple border crossings.

"ICE is focused on smart, effective immigration enforcement that targets serious criminal aliens who present the greatest risk to the security of our communities as well as immigration fugitives, and those who have re-entered the United States after having been deported," Haley adds. "ICE makes determinations about whether to proceed with an enforcement action based upon the agency's priorities, taking into consideration an individual's circumstances and the specific facts of each case."

Like so many others, Sixtos comes from a mixed-status family. In addition to his daughter, he serves as a father figure to citizen siblings, since immigration authorities deported their dad years ago. Despite his family depending heavily on his earned income, Sixtos might meet the same fate.

As in other cases, the migrant-led SanTana-based youth group RAIZ is trying to prevent Sixtos' deportation. They approached Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez about the ordeal. She penned a letter to ICE Field Director Robert Naranjo.

"I respectfully request that you review Mr. Sixtos-Gomez's case to determine if he meets the qualifications for prosecutorial discretion, is not considered a danger to the community, and the requested review adheres to all applicable laws and regulations," Congresswoman Sanchez wrote.

"As a responsible father and aspiring student, he should be immediately released," says Alexis Nava Teodoro of RAIZ. "The Obama Administration said they would not deport immigrant youth, yet Samuel remains in immigration detention."

He's being held at the same Adelanto facility that ICE officials transferred Evan Smith, a hotel worker from Stanton with a stepson in the U.S. Army, into custody. Both men await release or deportation.

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gregbpc topcommenter

At 8 years old, he should take his child with him.  She's young enough to fit in and become a Mexican citizen.  What do you bet his kid and the kid he is the "father figure" to are receiving government benefits.


OK Here's the deal, On behalf of the United States Of America, I'll make Gomez a deal, not knowing ANYTHING about his background, other than what I read here:

If he has never been arrested, for anything other than an immigration offense, he gets a three year H-2B Visa (open work).

If he has been arrested, he gets deported.

Let's not punish the hardworking, disenfranchised, but this guy is the poster board for deportation: daughter or not.


25 years old, high school dropout. 8 year old daughter, nothing about the mother.

That lack of information means the mother was 13 or 14.

The USA does not need another child molester/rapist.


If you use illegal means to get what you want….you should be punished. USA has laws against illegal immigration. I am personally against illegal immigration because it completely disregards people waiting in line legally and patiently to get into the united states. If you want to be here, wait in line and do it the right way. I have no sympathy to those getting deported. 

There are tons of people trying to get in the right way, and these illegal immigrants just cross the boarder, demand government money, demand jobs, and their rights to be heard….well, boo hoo hoo and cry me a river.

It is no surprise that deportations have been on he rise. And they will continue being on the rise. Get rid of the illegal immigrants- bring in the immigrants - the ones waiting patiently.


I'm sure he "wanted" to be chief justice of the supreme court too.  Too late mojado, take you bebes with you.


After Six removals you would think he would get the hint that he shouldn't coming here illegally. He proceeds to ignore the law. My family came to this country sixty years ago,jumped through all the hoops, and became citizens.

An upstanding individual, how many years has he been working on his G.E.D..

Seems smart enough to keep sneaking into the country illegally.


He's either here illegally or he's not. Just because he sired an urchin doesn't mean his anchor can't be hoisted up and his course set for Mexico. 


The Santa Ana resident wanted to resume studies, earn his G.E.D. degree, 


he is 25 

you're bias doesnt help him

having said that

if he was brought here as a child and is now an adult let him pay for what it costs to become a citizen and be done with it

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