Orange County DREAM Team Pushes for Health Coverage of Undocumented Residents

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Despite the frothing mouths of Know Nothings, the reality of Obamacare is that it leaves undocumented immigrants uninsured. The Health Care for All Act seeks to remedy that exclusion in California. If signed into law, the Senate Bill wouldn't consider immigration status for enrollment in Medi-Cal. It would also create a health insurance program similar to "Covered California." As the proposed legislation makes its way through Sacramento, the Orange County DREAM Team (OCDT) is taking up the cause.

"Since the implementation of the Affordable Car Act, about 1 million Californians have remained uninsured and ineligible for health care coverage due to their immigration status," says OCDT member and Irvine resident Rosemary Gomez in a press statement. "SB 1005 promises financial efficacy as it will allow our state to minimize the expenses in our healthcare system by providing preventative care to all and avoiding health issues that can become costly."

The OCDT sent a letter in support of the Health Care for All Act to Appropriations Committee Chairman Kevin de Leon. They also sent testimonies from undocumented and uninsured Orange County residents his way. The videos are also being made public on YouTube in a week-long campaign.

The first testimony uploaded on Monday features undocumented community college student Ramon Campos. He had a workplace accident two years ago when Campos injured his back as a mover. The best he could do two months after was see an 'UndocuChiropractor' licensed in Mexico. The treatment provided some relief, but without access to rehab, the pain is chronic having affected his school and work life.

More stories like Ramon Campos are going to uploaded everyday this week at noon at the OC DREAM Team's YouTube channel. Keep it tuned!

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How much was this idiot paid to make this commercial?  I doubt this moron is even here illegally.

Let them keep dreaming but there shall be no health insurance for illegal aliens... period!  Obama said that from the get go and he means it.  If illegals want health insurance they should go back to where they came from and ask for it there.  Why is it that illegals think they are entitled to everything?  It's outrageous they would even ask.


Undocumented euphemisms dressing up like merry scholars CAN get health insurance. All they have to do is grow the fuck up, return to their home countries and demand that their respective governments accommodate their healthcare needs. Americans are so tired of these whining cowards and their tantrums. Dreamy-eyed aliens need to be lassoed and flung back over the border where they belong. 

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

Here's a question for all the anti illegal alien crowd. What do those guys earn picking strawberries off Alton and Bake? Maybe $8/hour? Would you quit your job tomorrow and pick strawberries for DOUBLE your current salary? Triple? I wouldn't. For example if you're currently earning $75K, Would you resign from your current job and go pick strawberries for $150K?

Ya right.


Yes! Free Health Care for all non citizens. Come to California and get free tax payer paid health care.


hey eeestupid, you mean legally in contrast to illegally. your such a pendejo.


and white crackers need to sail their white asses back to Europe. whites are the true wetbacks... wetbacks wetbacks wrtbacks!!! ha!



How much do you get paid for picking strawberries in Mexico? $2/hour? Would you quit your job in Mexico to pick strawberries in the US for $8/hour? Even if you don’t get free health care? Apparently the answer is yes

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