OC Weekly Slaughters at 2014 OC Press Club Awards, Gives Reg Writers the Vapors

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Photo by LP Hastings
Web editor Taylor Hamby looking fabulous in her hat of Weeklys
You know your publication is doing right when you become the talk of the local press club awards ceremony not just for all the awards you won, but also all the awards you didn't win--and also for the people in your paper who couldn't be in attendance, and for getting the keynote speaker to fuck up his own retrospective with his loathing of your writers.

That's exactly what happened on Tuesday at the annual Orange County Press Club Awards. As usual, your favorite infernal rag slaughtered the Special Olympics--18 awards in total, and 9 first-placers, our largest haul since 2010's 22, back in the days when we had three more staff writers, and meself and managing editor Nick Schou had more time to write. But that wasn't good enough for host (and Orange County Register magazine editor) Kedric Francis, who had to point out this was the first time in years we didn't win more awards than anyone else because Aaron Kushner's happy tribe now held that honor. HA!

Sure, Kedric, ustedes got more awards total than us--even more if you include your fine OC Register Magazine's tally, which I don't because your big winner there Jim Washburn, who's OC Weekly POR VIDA. But if you want to play that game, we still beat the Reg in the first-place winners (your 7 to our 9) despite the Register being at least 20 times larger than our paper. Tee-hee!

All of our winners can be found at the Press Club's Facebook page, but special shout-outs to the first-placers: art director Dustin Ames for Best Headline for our "Where's the Black People At?" special report, Gabriel San Román and others in Public Affairs for the same story; Dave Lieberman for Best Food Blog and Dave Barton for Best Arts criticism; former staffer Michelle Woo for Best Personality Profile for her piece on import-car pioneer Ken Miyoshi; Nate Jackson for Best Music/Entertainment Story for his profile of our late, great photographer Andrew Youssef; and Matt Coker with THREE golds: Best Sports Story (profile on Mickey Thompson's son), Best Music/Entertainment review (for Newport Beach Film Festival coverage) and Best News blog (for his Navel Gazing desmadre).

Congrats, of course, to the rest of us who placed: Me, web editor Taylor Hamby, R. Scott Moxley, Nick for helping me edit all the pieces, and Patty Marsters, who didn't enter anything but copy edited it all. But back to the Register.

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