VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! on Why Mexicans Love Morrissey So Much

Photo by the late, great Andrew Youssef
There he goes again!
Last week, I wrote a listicle declaring the 10 most Mexican Morrissey/Smiths songs of all time. As Morrissey's tour (which swung by the Observatory last week) continues, I'm still getting media requests to answer why Mexicans love the Mancunian so much. I've answered it for the past 12 years, so for this week's edition of the video version of ¡Ask a Mexican! I decided to do it one more time with feeling.


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Rudy P Magaña
Rudy P Magaña

I'm 100% mexican and have never ever heard one of his/ their songs.

Ereka Lu
Ereka Lu

lmfao yea Jorge Galvan why do you love Morrissey so much


And here I thought that the reason a lot of Mexicans like Morrissey so much is because -at least the ones I grew up with - happened to be secret goths. Like...they were goth as soon as they got far enough away from their house where disapproving family members glared at them for being all ...(sigh)...I'm soooooooooo depressed. Nothing snaps one out of an overly dramatic statement about being depressed than a shoe flying in one's general direction thrown by a family member who proceeds to tell them they have no idea what depression is, or what a hard life is like, so they need to knock that crap off.

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

Same reason everyone else likes him and he's got one of the best voices in history.

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