Gustavo's Latest KCRW "Orange County Line": On Anaheim and Santa Ana's New Latino Police Chiefs!

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"We ain't in Dixie anymore, Gomer..."

When are affirmative action hires not affirmative action hires? When they're not. Okay, let's try that again...

Earlier this month, Anaheim and SanTana made history after appointing the first-ever Latino police chiefs for their respective departments. And while an outsider might view the moves as easy affirmative action hires to reflect the demographics of the cities, people who actually pay attention know that SanTana head Carlos Rojas and Anaheim top cop Raul Quezada are hardly tokes--indeed, they're the ultimate department insiders. That was the thrust of my "Orange County Line" commentary this past Monday on KCRW-FM 89.9.


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If you are for Affirmative Action 

then you give up all and any rights to claim good work etc as a reason for promotion /hired etc

18usc241 topcommenter

Raul Quezada of Anaheim PD and Carlos Rojas of Santa Ana PD and their cops are acting in the same oath violating harassing and intimidating manner as their #donaldsterling racist predecessors. That's why they were chosen to be the first Latino police Chiefs of Anaheim and Santa Ana. Same harassment tactics first witnessed in the 1990's and committed by Stan Knee GGPD, Randall Gaston Anaheim PD and Brad Gates OC Sheriffs.

Your police community in Orange County, CA transitioned from being a vicious racist police community to being a multi-cultural disaster.

18usc241 topcommenter

Back in the 1990's during the tenure of Stan Knee, Randall Gaston and Brad Gates some #donaldsterling racist piece of garbage masquerading as peace officers dropped a neutron bomb on my reputation. The criminal act gave license to four generations of Orange County, CA law enforcement harassing me. From harassment to attempted murder. The cities of Garden Grove and Anaheim, the District Attorney, the congressional representative and the Los Angeles division of the FBI have refused to help. And this asshole police community continues to harass me.

This garbage stated when I found myself working on engineering surveillance projects for application in Colombia with the cooperation of the Bogota Metro PD and on behalf of an American engineering company in OC.

18usc241 topcommenter

Ask OC law enforcement. They are the one's that fled the scene leaving the American victim and his Camry still pointing in the opposite direction on the Garden Grove freeway eastbound - past Beach Blvd entrance one night.


ok... so basically you dislike law enforcement because they screwed up your reputation. if that's true, that is messed up. so tell me about the attempted murder. i dislike some apd pork chops because they are douche bags, but i met some chill ones.

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