Kyle Alan Veach Gets Seven Years for Robbing Bank and Then Waiting for Bus for Getaway

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Courtesy of Laguna Beach Police Department
Kyle Alan Veach tried to make his escape on a bus, Gus.

Kyle Alan Veach, a frequent source of calls for Laguna Beach police officers in recent years, was sentenced this week to seven years in state prison for robbing a bank in town. This is the 25-year-old man of letters (from an alphabet soup can) who tried to make his escape in a municipal bus.

Kyle Alan Veach Guilty of Bank Robbery That Had Him Using Public Bus for Getaway

Just before noon on July 17, 2013, which was only a couple days after Veach had been released from custody for another felony, he handed a note announcing the robbery to a teller at the U.S. Bank branch at 310 Glenneyre St., Laguna Beach. Though he did not show a weapon, Veach left the bank with about $3,000.

Witnesses described the robber for police and pointed to the direction in which he fled. Veach had meanwhile walked into a nearby liquor store where he bought a t-shirt and ball cap in an attempt to change his appearance.

But about an hour later, a Laguna Beach cop spotted someone matching the robber's description waiting at a bus stop at Jasmine Street and North Pacific Coast Highway. Veach still had the three grand on him.

Veach had kept cops busy before, having been arrested for the burglary of a home on Hillcrest Drive in March 2012, after Costa Mesa Police found him in a motel in that city with items stolen in Laguna Beach. Veach was also arrested for possessing stolen property in Laguna in 2011.

He pleaded guilty March 19 to second-degree robbery. Conviction on one more felony strike will make him eligible for a sentence of 25 years to life in prison under California's three-strikes law.

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