Was Ahmad Muse Let Off Too Easy by Fullerton College Football Coach for Attack Allegations?

Photo by Flickr user Matt Folsom
Tommy Stuart eludes Ahmad Muse as the quarterback leads Butte College to a 28-13 win over Fullerton College in last December's state championship game. Stuart was also named MVP.
Four Fullerton College football players face two felonies each for an alleged attack on a Cal State Fullerton basketball player last August, and three of them were suspended by their coach for the entire football season.

But the fourth player, who is accused of initiating the attack, was allowed to rejoin the team after being sat out for six games.


Because Fullerton College head coach Tim Byrnes says Ahmad Muse is the most skilled player of the four suspendees and the coach did not want to jeopardize the 6-foot-4, 250-pound defensive end's potential future as an NCAA student-athlete.

"At least he'll have a chance to go on and get his education done, and he needs to," Byrnes told CSUF's Daily Titan last month. "If I would have cut him off and say 'you're gone,' then his life is over.

Fullerton College
Ahmad Muse
"Hopefully if it becomes a misdemeanor then he'll be OK," added Byrnes, who noted, "If it becomes a felony, then most schools will dump him."

Fullerton College Hornets Muse, Malcolm Postell, Terrence Lange and Sean Duncan-Wills attended a party Aug. 22 at CSUF's University House, where Muse is accused of sexually harassing the girlfriend of Titan basketball player Joseph Boyd.

The four football players allegedly beat Boyd in the University House parking garage elevator early the next morning, according to Fullerton Police, which obtained surveillance video of several men assaulting the then-CSUF freshman.

Video also shows the four leaving the elevator and two of them laughing and high-fiving one another, say police, who believe Boyd may have been left at least temporarily unconscious.

Postell was removed from the Fullerton College roster a month after the incident. Muse went on to play in December's California Community College Athletic Association title game, where the Hornets lost of Butte College, 28-13.

Joe Boyd
A 2013 graduate of Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, Boyd was one of the top-rated prospects in the state of Arizona, according to his CSUF bio, which also notes he originally signed with Drake University but requested his release following a coaching change.

The forward, who is listed at 6-foot-9 and 240 pounds, appeared in 28 games and made four starts in the 2013-14 season, when he averaged 2.1 points and 2.5 rebounds per game for the Titans. He led the team in rebounding in three games, recording a season-high and team-leading 10 rebounds in a 76-62 loss at USC on Nov. 19.

Muse, Postell, Lange and Duncan-Wills have a pre-trial hearing set for June 4, and trial is scheduled to begin June 30, according to Orange County Superior Court records.

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What you all fail to realize that it couldn't have been a race thing. Boyd was intoxicated and underge drinking. Pretty sure he's never been in a incident like this considering hes fresh out of high school. Also, the party was at CSUF and FC students even football players were informed of this party. Do you know how many guys with dreads attend FC? How could she have known that it was Muse? Lets be realistic. Also everyone knows that when your in a crowded party that you will be touched whether I meant to touch you or by accident. I can't tell you how many times I was touched at a party or a club it happens. All I'm saying is I hope the judge looks at all factors surrounding the case and not just the fact that a black girl with a white guy was the target of a racial altercation cause that's far from the case. Guys will be Guys and get into fights. It's life.


I was there this didn't happen the basketball player was intoxicated his girlfriend wasn't around at the time .. The basketball player approached Ahmad muse accusing him of talking to his girlfriend .. Ahmad didn't know what he was talking about and tried to walk away but the basketball 'star' attacked Ahmad muse and then began to approach the other guys there was no cameras around only witnesses including myself this basketball player was saying racist things and once the other guy defended himself now he's a felon? U guys can't comment based off what u read or here u weren't there and the person that wrote this wasn't either if u ask me they're only writing this article in the guys favor to help the case but there getting an innocent kid in trouble itsbsimply sad the girlfriend lied on her boyfriends behalf she was no where around at the time what so ever.

ltpar topcommenter

What I am reading here is, the Coach dumped players with lesser skills and kept the one who could help his team win.  Sounds like a double standard to me and not justified.  The guys is charged with a felony and needs to be banned from sports at the school until the charges are resolved.  

Santa Robert Tatangelo
Santa Robert Tatangelo

So he wasn't expelled? And people are blaming the football coach??? The Administration of the school is in lock-step with the coach.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

so what the coach is saying is:

w/o sports 

this guys got nothing

it was nice for the coach to throw in the "education" part

Why has the OCW chosen to avoid the race issue here

just b/c you can say the black males were messing with the girlfriend as to alleviate  

any call for the hate crime / race issue

might work well to justify hiding your own racism

but for those of us who want justice and are self assured in our not being racist,

we call out the OCW on this exact point

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@sweetliberty17761776 I'm not saying anyone messed with anyone; I was not there. So all I have to go on is the police report, which is presumably based on the statements of witnesses, including the fellow who was beaten. If evidence points to a hate crime, I'll report that too. But I'm not going to invent something based solely on your prejudice.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter


I am prejudiced to the truth

as stated, the OCW has been hypocritical in its coverage of racism against whites as this column proves again

if you wont be consistent in your attempts to show an unbiased journalistic outlook , you get called on it

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