Garden Grove Residential Attempted Burglary Suspects Fashion Show!

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All photos courtesy of Garden Grove Police Department
Strike a pose, maggots!

Their clothing: California casual. Their poses: hip and youthful. Their expressions: priceless. Move over, Trendzilla, there's a new fashion columnista in town, courtesy of burglary suspects, a surveillance camera and the Garden Grove Police Department.

All three of these Real American Geniuses struck these poses for a security camera that they may or may not have known was pointed at them outside a residence they are believed to have tried to burglarize.

They even posed with their backs to a white wall--every photographer's dream. Click here for more poses and the videos.

Here's how their unwitting fashion show came to be, based on the account from Garden Grove Police Lt. Ben Stauffer, the department spokesman: Around 7 p.m. on April 20, three people knocked repeatedly on the front door of a home in town. When no one answered, the three hopped a fence into the backyard.

A hole was then cut in a screen near the handle of a French door and noises we made like someone was trying to break in that were so loud, they were heard by residents inside who started making a racket themselves to scare the would-be intruders, who fled.

What the trio outside did not know was that the residents had "a very high-quality surveillance camera system installed at their residence," and its images were shared with police investigators of the attempted burglary, according to Stauffer.

"The Garden Grove Police Department has exhausted all leads in their attempts to identify the three suspects pictured in the video and is now asking for the public's help in identifying them," Stauffer said. "It is unlikely this was their first or last attempt at burglarizing a home in Garden Grove."

Let's take a closer look at our models, shall we?

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