7 Signs Corona del Mar High School May Be the Incubator of Orange County's Evils

Corona Del Mar PTA
Do the Sea Kings wield a tarnished trident?

I've had a soft spot for Corona del Mar High School since the late, great newspaper adviser (and Newport-Mesa teacher union president) Linda Mook asked me to volunteer as a mentor for The Trident staff years and years ago. But it's become increasingly difficult to fly my CdM High freak flag given the mounting evidence the upper-crusty campus is the incubator for Orange County's evils.

Consider these seven high-profile incidents from the past decade or so.

1. Prom Draft

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"And the last girl picked in the draft is ..."

The high school just received national scorn when a student tradition was exposed: Boys bidding on girls for prom dates. One of 15 fellows taking part this prom season reportedly put down $140 for his chosen girl. Corona del Mar High's principal sent parents an email about the NFL-style draft, saying it is wrong to objectify girls, and a student tweet about the draft before the June 7 prom was then taken down. Boys interviewed by an LA news crew said the whole incident was "overblown" and that "the whole purpose was to avoid conflict, the whole purpose was to not hurt girls' feelings, anyone's feelings." He's right: How can a lottery for girls hurt anyone's feelings?

2. Hacking

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"I passed physio!"

After it came out earlier this school year that as many as 150 CdM High students were part of hacking scandal--where grades were changed in school computers--the school district expelled only 11 kids. That so disgusted a Newport-Mesa school district official, she quit. Families of the expelled students sued the school district, although four recently reached settlements that had them dropping out of the litigation. By the time this is over, look for school officials to take the blame for not allowing the hacking, which does show advanced computer skills, no?

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