"Shirtless Bro" Who Hit on TV Reporter Covering Etiwanda Fire Has Surf City Roots

KTLA/Channel 5
"Shirtless Bro" Clay Narey asks reporter Courtney Friel out for a date on live TV.

If you thought to yourself while watching live coverage April 30 of a shirtless fellow holding a puppy while hitting on a KTLA-TV reporter covering the Etiwanda Fire, "Gee, I'm surprised he's not from Huntington Beach," well guess what? The so-called "Shirtless Bro" viral video star was born and raised in Surf City.

Clay Narey explained to Inland Valley Daily Bulletin columnist David Allen that he only moved to the 909 a month before his on-air moment with KTLA reporter Courtney Friel.

"Sir, do you live around here?" Friel had asked through the neighborhood smoke.

"Yeah. Wow, you're super pretty," Narey answered. "Do you wanna go on a date sometime?"

"We're on the air live right now on KTLA, actually," Friel replied.

You can watch it here in case you missed it:

It's an impromptu moment that has generated 4.4 million YouTube views and prompted the website Jezebel to declare, "909 REPRESENT!!!!"

Allen wrote in the Daily Bull that Narey gave the I.E. a black eye, although as one soul astutely pointed out he is "representative of every dude you see hanging out" there.

We can second that emotion, as 30-year-old Narey not only informed Allen of his HB roots, but that, after a stint in the Marines, he attended Saddleback College and later got a bachelor's in business administration from Cal State Fullerton.

"That's what's so funny," Narey remarked of his new 909 celebrityhood. "I've lived here such a short amount of time. I mostly identify with Orange County."

And we with you, bro!

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Bubble-headed women love that kind of hapless-doofus directness.

whateveryousay topcommenter

I don't blame him.  She is a cutie.  


He's a little out of shape for a 30 yr old surfer. The article didn't say if he's married or not.

Robert Wright
Robert Wright

Hell no he's from the Real OC... Not Rancho ...What a Lame !!!!

Chris J Caroselli
Chris J Caroselli

I dont see why this video went viral in the first place, douchebags like him are everywhere these days.


Nar(e)y a day goes by that strange behavior comes out of Huntington.

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

This is NOTHING compared to Joe "I wanna kiss you" Namath being drunk on Monday Night Football several years ago.

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

so whats a matta with askin' a news reporter for a date?

Even if it is live.

I've been here 13 years and seems like I can't get lucky?

Got more tail in Texas then anywhere else.

JBinOC topcommenter

LOL @ this entire post.  And excellent reporting job.  

Now, if only all of HB would move to Rancho Cucamonga...

JGlanton topcommenter

He did a great job getting everyone's panties in a wad. Good one, Clay. The Scornful Society need tweaking as often as possible.

20ftjesus topcommenter

So, 909Jeff is really Clay Narey! 

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