Brush Fire Engulfs Long Beach Wetlands Near Oil Wells

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Thanks, OC Weekly pal!
Stay safe, folks
This sweltering heat and accompanying nasty winds are so bad that they're sweeping down the IE's fires and placing them in...Long Beach?

Yep. A brush fire is currently blazing at the Los Cerritos Wetlands, the nature area that roughly separates Orange County from Long Beach. The fire was reported to have started around 9:45 near the Market Place Shopping Center.

"There is a brush fire near the intersection of 2nd and pch I believe," a source told the Weekly. "I tried to get a few photos and some info for you but the road was closed."

Well, try harder!

Since half of the Weekly's staff lives in Long Beach or Huntington or Seal, we're getting a Weekling to the scene as we speak.

The Orange County Register reports that fire is "where several oil wells operate, and the smoke was blanketing the shopping center as ashes fell from the air."

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JBinOC topcommenter

Hopefully it'll wipe out 2nd Street in Belmont Shores, and leave Retro Row intact.  

Although, where will all those OC gals who work in P.R. and OC guys who work as subprime mortgage loan officers eat and drink, and take Instagram photos of it all?  

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