Will LA's "Go Kings Go" Billboards Provide Bulletin Board Material for the Anaheim Ducks?

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Photo by Dustin Ames/OC Weekly
Let's hope roasted duck is NOT on the menu tonight.

It's bad enough the Kings lead our Ducks two games to nil heading into game three of the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight at the Staples Center, but LA's also rubbing our beaks in their dominance with provocative billboards near the LA-OC border.

Dustin Ames, the Weekly's man in LA who works in OC, shot this Clear Channel billboard on Firestone Boulevard right before exit 117 (Artesia Boulevard) on the southbound 5 freeway. That would put it La Mirada-ish and heading into Orange County:

Photo by Dustin Ames/OC Weekly
Will this billboard be bulletin board material for the Ducks?

Meanwhile, this was posted on Instagram, from parts unknown:

Duck abuse!

We'd happily brush these off were it not for the fact the Quack Pack is down 2-0, heading into a ... gulp ... away game. Rest assured our Photoshoppers are on standby to abuse the royal pains in the arse once we tie this sucker up. PUCK LA! PUCK LA!

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