Alaina and Kevin A'Lurede Likely Died of Suicides in Their La Habra Duplex: Police

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Click here for the update on police believing this incident WAS a murder-suicide.

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A married couple's bodies were found in their duplex in the 600 block of West Greenwood Avenue, La Habra.

ORIGINAL POST, MAY 28, 7:09 A.M.: Some holiday weekend, no? We previously reported on a possible murder-suicide with four bodies found in a family's home in Mission Viejo. At the opposite end of Orange County, in La Habra, police are investigating the deaths of a married man and woman found in their home Saturday.

No Suspect Sought, Neighborhood Deemed Safe After 4 Bodies Found in Mission Viejo: Update

What makes one think these are possible murder-suicides is what police in La Habra and deputies in Mission Viejo are saying: no one outside the homes is suspected of having had anything to do with the deaths. (The manner of death in both places has not yet been released.)

The couple whose bodies were found in their duplex in the 600 block of West Greenwood Avenue, La Habra, have been identified as Kevin A'Lurede, 35, and Alaina A'Lurede, 31. Family members of Kevin had reported him missing on Friday, and family members of Alaina did the same for her on Saturday, which is when police performed a welfare check that resulted in the discovery of the couple's bodies.

Someone by the name of Kevin A'Lurede was a volunteer writing teacher at Fullerton College, at least in 2009, according to a district board meeting agenda. Someone by the name of Alaina A'Lurede was an insurance underwriter in Orange.

UPDATE NO. 1, MAY 28, 8:44 A.M.: The La Habra Police Department is investigating the deaths of couple Alaina and Kevin A'Lurede. No other details have been released yet, however.

UPDATE NO. 2, MAY 29, 12:59 P.M.: It appears a married couple took their own lives in their duplex, according to the La Habra Police Department, which issued the following update:

Earlier today, the Orange County Coroner's Office, performed autopsies on Kevin and Alaina A'Lurede. Kevin A'Lurede had sustained a gunshot wound from a small caliber weapon. The pathologist could not rule out suicide as the cause of death. Alaina A'Lurede's body showed signs consistent with a drug overdose. Cause of death is mostly likely suicide, however, conclusive results for both subjects is pending the completion of a toxicology screen. Toxicology reports will likely be available in 8 - 12 weeks. While the exact time of death was not available, both parties had expired prior to the initial missing person's report being made.

A small caliber handgun was recovered from the bedroom of the home, near Kevin's body. At this juncture; no suicide note has been located.

City News Service reports Kevin A'Lurede was supposed to graduate from Fullerton College with a degree in anthropology on Friday. When he failed to show up for the ceremony, his parents filed a missing persons report. His wife's family later reported her missing as well.

An earlier La Habra police statement provided a timeline:

Officers responded to their residence in the 600 block of W. Greenwood, at approximately 9:30 p.m. [Friday], in an attempt to make contact with the missing couple. When they arrived, they saw one of the couple's vehicles parked in the driveway. They knocked on the door but received no response, so the officers proceeded to contact neighbors in the area to see if they could provide further assistance in determining the couple's whereabouts. These efforts, however, proved unsuccessful.

On Saturday, May 24, 2014, at approximately 1:40 p.m., officers returned to the
residence on Greenwood Ave. to follow-up on the missing couple. Based on additional information they obtained from family members, officers forced entry into the residence and located two individuals, both deceased. One body was located in the living room and the other in the bedroom. Both appeared to have been deceased for several days.

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Brett Boukather
Brett Boukather

It's the heat, drives people batty. It's just summer, people.

Michael Phil
Michael Phil

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My husband and I live on Greenwood Ave in La Habra. Lastnight we saw a van with the name "Aftermath" on it at that house. I assume it is to clean up whatever mess or parts were still there. Poor couple. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their family.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@justkandace "Poor couple. My thoughts and prayers are with them ..."

They're DEAD ... your prayers are meaningless.

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