Victor John Norcia, Registered Sex Offender, is Grandfather of Teacher Accused of Molestation

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Victor John Norda
Math teacher Melissa Nicole Lindgren pleaded not guilty at her arraignment last week to sexually assaulting three male students at Nicholas Junior High School in Fullerton.

But if the La Mirada 28-year-old is ultimately found guilty and must register as a sex offender, she can get tips on how to deal with the stigma from her grandfather, a registered sex offender himself.

Melissa Nicole Lindgren, Fullerton Junior High Teacher, Allegedly Molested and Sexted 3 Boys

According to the California registered sex offender database at, Norcia must register as a sex offender for life due to a conviction for lewd or lascivious acts with a child under age 14.


His granddaughter next has a pretrial hearing scheduled June 13 at North Justice Center in Fullerton. She is accused of having sexually assaulted and sent sexual messages to three male students ages of 13 and 15, with the incidents having allegedly happened at school or in a car. She could go away to state prison for 16 years and four months with a conviction.

Melissa Lindgren

She, her parents and her grandfather Norcia and his wife attended Holy Family Catholic Church in Artesia.

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Like that is some kind of revelation that the victim of sexual assault perpetuates the  same act when they grow up. You got some other theory as to why normal a woman would choose to  


Like that is some kind of revelation, her grandfather is a sex offender.

Your article makes it seem like you did not know that the victims of sexual assault perpetuate the  same act upon others when they grow up. What do you bet maybe grandpa diddled her and shorted some wires during her formative years? What did you think was the reason she has sexual interest in children? 

She attended Holy Family Catholic church. That is relevant.  Do you think that's where she got her interest in blowing little boys? I guess you must have heard somewhere about what goes on there between priests and altar boys. Or you would not have mentioned it. Can't say I have ever seen that fact regarding where a suspect attended church  in a news story about an alleged sex crime suspect. 

I am with you. Let's hold this pervert accountable for her actions. Lets get her on that sex offender list and let her publicly "deal"  with the stigma of sexual abuse that she has undoubtedly been "dealing" with  in private since she was a little girl. 

Great article. You should do a whole series on ignorance.

JGlanton topcommenter

That's how it works and that's why it's so important to stop molesters early. One sexual abuser produces generations of molester/abusers, generations with psychological and social problems.


....where they studied from the Book of Fellations

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