Tommy Lasorda Loves The Dick

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This just in: Dodger blue bleeder Tommy Lasorda loves The Dick.

Yep, it's true. Upon coming to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda--or what the hep cats call The Dick--the Dogs' former manager was heard to remark, "This place is beautiful."

When Tommy Lasorda Kicked a Teenager's Ass Outside His Fullerton Home

He was there for the new, 4,100-square-foot exhibit "Play Ball! Presidents and Baseball."

Nixon Foundation
Nixon Foundation president Sandy Quinn (left) welcomes Tommy Lasorda.
"Brings back a lot of great memories," said Lasorda while looking at the photos and memorabilia, as relayed by The Dick's PR bat boys.

"Dick Nixon knew baseball," Lasorda is said to have said of the 37th president, who he regarded as a friend. "It's a great feeling when you're standing next to the president of the United States. Tremendous people and all great baseball fans."

As a former pitcher, Lasorda shared something in common with Nixon: both hit the showers before their games were over.

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Jeff Rey
Jeff Rey

oc weekly thats too much! shut up!

JGlanton topcommenter

This article must be written for 15-year olds.

"He said 'Dick'", "he said 'Dick'", huhhuhhuhhuhuhuhuhuh. 

Hector Lozano
Hector Lozano

We are against the L.A but if you can talk to our owner me you can't change his mind!!!

Gucci Santoro
Gucci Santoro

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Stacy El
Stacy El

Joshua Mulder Calc Amanda Julius Cisneros

Stacy El
Stacy El

Oh halos have their own county? Funny that they're always trying to use LA in their damn name. #dodgers & man, that's not cool - funny, but not cool!

Hector Lozano
Hector Lozano

So is this 26 yrs without a championship for you guys? Hahahaha!!

Lisa Navarro
Lisa Navarro

i see your point really i do. but lighten up a lil :)

Hector Lozano
Hector Lozano

Fuck L.A this is a Halo county no respect to any dodger crap!!!

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

It puzzles me when anyone waxes sentimental about Richard Nixon...but that's not quite as incomprehensible to me as folks worshiping Ronald Reagan. ::shudder::

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