Team Destiny, All-Female Pro Paintball Team, Returns Home to Compete in Huntington Beach

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Photos by John Aquilla
Team Destiny celebrates its national championship last October in Las Vegas.
Team Destiny, the all-female professional paintball squad that won a national championship over male teams last October, comes back home to compete in Huntington Beach this weekend.

Team Destiny, Ladies Paintball Team Based in Huntington Beach, Makes National History

After having competed across the country, Team Destiny locks and loads into Friday through Sunday's 2014 Surf City Open in Huntington Beach, where they will once again be led by captain Kat Secor.

[Best Of 2012] Kat Secor, Paintball Queen: The Team Destiny captain's favorite things about Orange County

Team Destiny has competed in seven out of 11 paintball tournaments that have taken place in the Huntington Beach Pier area, according to Secor.

Actually, her team will be split in two this weekend, as an East Coast squad competes at the all-female Indian River Paintball tourney in Perry, Georgia. Team owner and rostered player Bea Paxson will manage her players there.

Secor hopes the bi-coastal events will inspire more women to pick up paintball guns and--who knows?--try out for roster spots on Team Destiny. Learn more at

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Paintball - Ugh! Finally a "sport" that is lower on the evolutionary chain than golf.

20ftjesus topcommenter

Foul!  The one in the back holding up the sign above their heads needs to be GENDER tested!  This is supposed to be an "all-female" team.  Foul!

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

Is this a sexist, discriminatory team that won't let guys be on it?


He that is holding the award up is former LTZ Destiny player and former LTZ pro player, Steve Conner, who is the coach of the team. Destiny Paintball has an all-female team division, as well as a co-ed division. The objective is to feature female paintballer players in a male-dominated sport.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@20ftjesus  Gender is a fluid concept. If a person with meat and two veg, plus 5 o’clock shadow, wants to identify as female, who are we to argue?

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