How to Stop Granny from Getting Screwed by Scammers

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My elderly father got a call from someone pretending to be his grandson saying he was at a buddy's wedding in the Middle East, had too much to drink, got into an accident leaving the reception and now needed $2,500 to bail out of jail. When the caller screwed up on the first name, Pops figured out he was being scammed.

I heard a prosecutor say the same exact thing happened to her mother, who went ahead and wired the money, but the prosecutor managed to get a full refund from the scammer, who was never brought to justice.

The point is, the scamming of your grandparents is getting out of hand.

So out of hand that the California State Bar is holding a "Seniors Scam Stoppers Event" from 9 a.m. to noon Friday at Irvine Senior Center, 20 Lake Road Irvine.

Topics include: real estate and mortgage fraud; lawyer fraud and unlicensed practice
of law; scams against seniors 
in local neighborhoods; unlicensed home repair and contractors; identity theft and unlicensed auto repair.

Government investigators and law enforcement experts will be on hand to inform seniors how to guard against fraud and protect themselves from identity theft. It's free and open to the public but an RSVP is required at 714.665.6868, via email at or via the website.

Food and refreshments will be served.

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Someone tried to scam my 84 year old Mom. My Mom being the tightfisted woman she is, told the caller to "call your Dad" and hung up. When she told me the story I remarked that NONE of the grandkids EVER call her Grandma. Ive never been more relieved that her grip on her money was still there.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

There is a special place in hell for people who fleece the elderly. :-(

949girl topcommenter

I just saw a segment on this this morning on the CBS 2 News as I was getting ready for work.  This same scam happened to my friend's grandparents.  They almost fell for it.  Her "brother" called her grandparents to tell them he was in a Mexican jail and needed money.  They were on the way to the bank before they realized it was fraud, I think they called his mom and she told him he wasn't in Mexico.  Anyway, they talked to one of the scammers on the News and he said about 1 in every 50 people falls for the scam. 

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