Santa Ana Winds Bedevil Santa Ana

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Photos courtesy of the City of Santa Ana
Santa Ana winds bending power poles has caused the closure of part of Raitt Street in Santa Ana.

Southern Californians are used to Santa Ana winds howling strong and wreaking havoc, but they are usually at their worst inland, in places like my old stomping grounds of Fontucky. Right now, however, the Santa Anas--or "Devil Winds," as the preacher man calls 'em--are doing a number on the City of Santa Ana.

Raitt Street, which I'm 99 percent sure is named after Bonnie's late dad and fellow singer John Raitt, is now closed from First to Fifth streets because of the strong winds bending power poles and lines being down (as seen in the photos provided by the city).

"A live power pole and lines snapped in the 300 block [of] North Raitt, causing lines to come to rest on the ground; there were no injuries reported, however the line will need immediate repair," reads a city advisory. "A work crew from Southern California Edison is en route to repair the pole and lines."

Santa Ana firemen and police officers are already there.

An even more frightening shot after the jump ...

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