Attention, Target Mission Viejo Shoppers: Pets Are Delicious Meat!

Dog spelled backwards?
Shoppers at the Mission Viejo Target store got an eyeful recently thanks to a minivan in the parking lot with this message on the back window:

"Pets are delicious meat."

Actually, it really comes down to the sauce but ... I mean ... along the back bumper was the answer to readers' obvious WTF? question:

Reddit has a photo of the minivan (or see the update below) and the explanation that the driver parked in the red zone in front of the store with his hazard lights on and chatted up passersby.

His message boils down to (sorry) this: people treat their pets like God, so they must get rid of the beasts ... one bite at a time.

The aforementioned provides some bible verses and this video that appears to be shot in a police station interrogation room, where the fellow begins by informing, "In Switzerland, which is in Europe, they eat dogs and cats. In Canada they eat dogs and it's not against the law to sell or eat dog meat. Please take the time to read Genesis 9:1-6 where God commanded the nations to begin eating animals:"

He goes on to rant against "bible-believing preachers, especially Calvary Chapel pastors who can't even imagine that they have their own false teachings which they are spreading everywhere." No argument there, although my favorite part is still " "In Switzerland, which is in Europe ..."

Props to helping America's geography-challenged public school graduates. Meanwhile, does anyone have a recipe for what to do with my now former cat Gizmo's gizzards?

UPDATE, APRIL 21, 11 A.M.: A reader submitted the following freeway photo and swears not to have been behind the wheel when it was snapped:


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I don't know why the following comments AND MY REPLIES TO THEM SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED. I have reported this incident to YouTube and GOOGLE+. Here are some of the missing comments:

Andreas Schou [WROTE by quoting me]
"I display the message 'PETS ARE DELICIOUS MEAT' because lots of Americans need to be set-free from their narrow-mindedness and ignorance on this matter. I’m trying to open the eyes of those who are caught-up in Fantasy with Pets, and who are placing much priority on Play, Entertainment and Self-pleasures (worthless things)."

Andreas Schou [WROTE]
This is +Yonatan Zunger's fault.

Donald Petersen [WROTE]
One G+ user's "About" page warns people that he hates "cat nemes".  In order to prove his point, he includes a detailed recipe for cooking cat meat.   I suppose that deters the cat lovers from socializing with him.

Lisa Miller [REPLIED TO Donald Petersen]
+Donald Petersen I did take a few minutes to listen to this dingaling.  I'm not sure how many times he said the word 'should' in regards to other people, but it was at least implied in every sentence.  Way to clear a room!

Andrew Oplinger [WROTE]
... what...?

Carey Lening [WROTE]
This is 21 minutes long, and he explains that Switzerland is in Europe at least 2 times. Seriously. What is this nonsense?

Scott C [WROTE]
He lost me at 'Genesis, chapter 9'.

Pets are useful for a variety of reasons beyond 'play' (which I would argue is a human necessity, so that we don't go stark raving mad). Even from primitive times humans have been domesticating animals for a wide variety of uses, from utility to entertainment. While it's true that most living organisms on the planet are edible by humans (... including other humans...), does this guy really not understand anything about domestication?

... Then again, there have been people that weren't aware that milk comes from cows.

That, and this is the internet; I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone had that much time on their hands...

Daniel Martin [WROTE]
I'd imagine pets are either too stringy or too full of just fat to be delicious meat, but I'll admit that rabbits can be pets and that hasenpfeffer is certainly tasty, so...

GraceTruth7 [RE-WRITING]
To: Carey Lening
The reason why i clarified that Switzerland is in Europe is this:
Such was the ignorance i came-across among some Americans when i gave them a response and they didn't know that Switzerland is in Europe. Some Americans simply have a mental-block to the fact that certain European cultures eat Dogs and Cats, therefore when i simply say "Switzerland", they don't understand what i'm saying, therefore i have to aim for precision in communication also because i have a language-accent (foreign to some Americans).

Andres Soolo [WROTE]
Well, if one isn't familiar with the name, Switzerland-which-is-in-Europe does kind of sound like Swaziland-which-is-in-Africa, or Sueziland-which-is-in-Egypt.  One might even confuse it with Seussiland-which-is-in-books.

GraceTruth7 [RE-WRITING]
To: Scott C
You are right in saying: "Even from primitive times humans have been domesticating animals for a wide variety of uses, from utility to entertainment."  I agree with you IN THIS WAY: Animals (e.g., Pigs in America) serve as Pets to kids, and source of nutrition for everyone. In this video (9m45s to 10m45s) i explained that it's understandable that the Lamb during Pesach/Passover becomes a Pet to the kids yet was slaughtered on Passover Day by the order of THE CREATOR OF ALL.

My real concern is for those who claim to be Christian, especially Pastors; most of them reject their Master's teachings in favor of secular Culture's ignorance (e.g., that Pets are special than other animals just as Whites are special than other humans).

Humans were made in the image of God, while plants and animals were created to serve humans IN VARIOUS WAYS (including as Meat). Read Genesis 9:1-6

Carey Lening [WROTE]
... here's a shining example of why the G+ comments auto-populating to Youtube can create unintended consequences. </awkward>

Scott C [WROTE]
Well... it would appear that I've fallen for one of the classic blunders: never get involved in a land war in Asia. Only, replace 'land war' with 'argument', and 'in Asia' with 'on the internet'.
+GraceTruth7: I decline this conversation.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

Still not as offensive to me as "Cat. The Other White Meat". :-P


When it comes to pets I prefer pigeons. Especially with a baked potato!   


I saw this van on the 5, I snapped a pic of it. I had to show a co-worker who is from Taiwan, we also have these discussions about eating dogs and other random differences in our cultures.

For the record, I could not never eat a dog, or a cat. I barely eat chicken or cows, but I do eat them on occasion.

I never went to the website, but know I know what it's about. :|

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

Just received this email today: "I just wanted to let you know that this guy is also a student at Long Beach City College. I go there and I see him and this same van parked all the time. The general consensus around campus is that he's a little nutty. If you ever want to see him in the act of spouting his nonsense, stop by our campus on a random weekday and you won't be disappointed."

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@OCLocal Email a copy of the photo to and I'll post it here.


@MatthewTCoker  I just ran into him at Culver Plaza in Irvine begging for money for food. Someone gave him money and he immediately went to Panda Express and got takeout.

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