Mission Viejo Will Not Ban E-Cig Shops After All...For Now

John Gilhooley
It's no surprise that Mission Viejo could've become the second city in Orange County to ban electronic cigarette shops. Outside of a few tasty Persian spots and Aloha Grill, there isn't much to do...or worry about. Monday, city councilwoman Rhonda Reardon decided that e-cigs should be placed in government's crosshairs--yet it's not because she thinks e-cigs are ineffective for smoking cessation. She's more worried about the lack of regulation and how they can be used for vaping other things (Read, the evil weed).

"It's not the e-cigs that are bad, it's the other stuff that comes along with it," Reardon told the Orange County Register. "These things vaporize, and you can vaporize just about anything."

She said she got the idea after attending an Orange County Coroner's presentation on the evils of e-cigs. However, when the ban came to the floor on Monday, only Mayor Trish Kelley agreed with Reardon. The rest of the council killed the suggested moratorium with a 3-2 vote. "If you think you're going to stop an illegal use by putting a moratorium, it ain't gonna happen," said Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht. A car can go 100 mph in a 30 mph zone."

The council did agree to examine how Laguna Niguel is dealing, given that the zoning already in place bans e-cig shops--because, you know, Laguna Niguel is SUCH a cool city...

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Feliza Johnston
Feliza Johnston

Ecig vapor smells for about 5 seconds after its exhaled get over it idiotic fuckin haters.

Brayden Mills
Brayden Mills

Wendy. Stop being ignorant. You should ban humidity as well.

Wendy De La Puente
Wendy De La Puente

I hate the cigg smoke that goes with them, it's not a vapor, it really is a smoke, it stinks just like cigg smoke... and there is nothing glamorous about them. I see these stupid commercials. All smoking should only be allowed in ones OWN home or apt. Nobody wants to breathe that crap in!! or SMELL it...MAJOR issue is the smell. Smokers have always smelled....(especially the cougar hags that chain smoke on the pier all day in Newport)

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

I wonder how many permits to sell alcohol there are in Mission Viejo?


Reardon should be more concerned about the sex scandal at the Nadadores Swim Team. So much for her "children advocacy ".


LOL were a Nation of Nannies telling you what you can and cant do  in my city.

Most people could care less about the regulations. Is just another Tax on citizens.

Lock people up to create a overpaid job for bubba and his pals in the police dept.

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