Majida Assayed Went to an OC Social Security Office to Do the Right Thing But Left Dead

All things considered, Majida Assayed looks pretty good for a dead woman.

The Fountain Valley resident discovered the government had declared her deceased when her credit cards accounts were closed, she could not get a checking account and an Orange County Social Security Administration (SSA) worker mentioned her drivers license may have been invalidated.

That's apparently the punishment for trying to do the right thing. KCBS/Channel 2 news has the story of what happened when Assayed went to the SSA office to let them know her mother had passed away, so the government could stop issuing her mom $700 monthly checks.

Guess whose name the SSA worker drone keyed in instead?

Assayed, who informed the teevee newsies her mother's name was not even close to her own, eventually received a letter from the government confirming she's not dead to show people mistakenly led to believe otherwise.

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