"Where Art Thou, Disneyland Bitch Ho?" Judge Gives Poet Pimp of Teenagers Home Detention

Aye on God my Bitch grind? Really?
A Downey pimp arrested in 2013 for selling minor girls in a Disneyland-area prostitution ring won an incredibly lax punishment this week: six months of home detention.

According to an FBI report reviewed by OC Weekly, Rayshaad Dajreon Taite (a.k.a. "Long Beach Truth") participated in the transportation of minor girls from Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Hotel and Circus Circus to Anaheim in an Internet-ad driven prostitution network operated with Curtis Maurice Canady.

In the pimping operation, Taite posted--cough, cough--Hemingway-like prose on the Internet, including: "Aye on God my Bitch grind come join the money team over 800 in 2 hours," "My Nigga cash ain't ready for the LV loafers them Bitches feel like walkin on water," and "I pimp so much every time I hear the words hoe-trap-hooker-blade-Vegas-Break-Daddy-Turn Out-Choose Up-My dick get hard."

New York publishing houses: Are you paying attention to this dude's literary gifts?

In March, U.S District Court Judge David O. Carter sentenced Canady (a.k.a. "Cash") to a prison term of 97 months.

Judge James V. Selna, Carter's colleague inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, sealed relevant documents so the public will never know why Taite, who was born in 1990, won leniency.

In the last year, several defendants claimed they didn't know it's illegal to participate in the human trafficking of underage girls for prostitution.

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He won leniency because he "snitched" on Curtis. As a result of his snitching, he got a chance to have his paperwork sealed. Such a shame. "Truth," a vet in "the game" has been pimping for about 3yrs now. All of those underaged girls were his girls at one point in time.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

"Where Art Thou, Disneyland Bitch Ho?"

I can't stop laughing at this. It so tickles my dark side...

JGlanton topcommenter

No wonder the gangs are so involved in trafficking teenage prostitutes these days. The punishment is more lenient than dealing drugs or selling guns. And probably a lot more lenient than the penalty for cutting a pelican's pouch.


" It's illegal to participate in the human trafficking of underage girls for prostitution."

Thank you Captain Obvious.


hey here is a poem for you:

this judge may be a piece of s ht 

he may have taken a puff or hit

or maybe he likes his girls real young

and thinks of this pimp as his son

18usc241 topcommenter

"sealed relevant documents so the public will never know why Taite, who was born in 1990, won leniency"

Hey yo po-lice, 'member when I fucked yo American citizen target up per your request yo in violation of federal civil rights law ho. Betta gimme leniency, bitch o I gonna snitch. I figure you don't want the peeps of OC to know that you da bigger po po ho ho.

Hey did I sound "street" authentic?

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

He apparently thought his "poetic license" was a "pimpin' permit".

And another slap on the wrist for a sexual predator. House arrest?!! So he can turn his home into a brothel full of underage prostitutes? :-(

18usc241 topcommenter

Thanks for the input. Bigger thanks for the brevity.

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