Debunking the Five Most Ridiculous Assertions About E-Cigarettes

John Gilhooley
Such little bottles, so much drama...
Assertions about e-cigarettes run the gamut from factual, misinformed, overly positive, and just downright stupid. The latter is the easiest to run with because it's so damn sensational...and easily debunked. Here are our favorites...

1. Nicotine Juice is Extremely Dangerous

A recent New York Times article contended that e-liquid is just poison by the barrel, and that title alone sparked E-Fer Madness across the Interwebz. Since then, reams of articles have fretted about hundreds of cases of people poisoned by it, whether from ingesting the e-liquid, puffing like a maniac, or spilling it on themselves in their sleep.

The truth: E-liquid is not for drinking nor is it a topical oil. There's hundreds of chemical products in every American home that if ingested or poured onto the skin would make for a real bummer of a night. Most people poisoned by juice via ingestion are kids. Kids are also known to eat shit and drink Drain-O if left to their own devices.

Poisoning by inhalation is also easily debunked. Puffing on nicotine for three hours straight makes you nauseous? No way! Smoking regular cigarettes for three hours straight will do the same exact thing! That also applies to drinking, marijuana, excessive jogging, oversleeping, playing Grand Theft Auto V , and every other activity if done in excess. Moderation has always been the key, and e-cigs are no different.

One of the few articles to point out this obvious fact quoted someone with little clout these days--a Big Tobacco man. Jason Healy, the president of Lorillard Inc.'s Blu E-cigs Unit, told the Winston-Salem Journal, "The product is for adult smokers, and therefore the responsibility for children's safety falls on the parents, just like bleaches and prescription medications...The focus should be on parenting and education, and not regulation."

2. Exhaled Vapor is Equivalent to Second Hand Smoke

John Gilhooley
Oh no! That's not a barrel full of poison, is it?

Oh no! Pull the fire alarm! We don't know the affects of second-hand vapor and we're all gonna diiie!

The Huffington Post wrote a laughable piece on the possible dangers of second-hand vapor, and that's not even counting when they wondered if it's safe to "bogart an e-cig" or why people have "got to" smoke in the first place. They examined an admittedly small study by Wolfgang Schober of the Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority that found exhaled vapor worsened the indoor air quality and increase the concentration of nicotine, PAHs, and aluminum in the room. Well, sure: if you're hanging out in a vape shop with 10 other people puffing away, it might get a little hazy. But for the average person that doesn't vape, it won't affect them since it dissipates almost instantly and the amount of nicotine released after a person has already inhaled is minute. You'll get more nicotine in your system if you eat an eggplant for dinner.

Time Magazine quoted a study from Nicotine and Tobacco Research that "found...e-cigarettes are a source of second-hand exposure to nicotine, but not of other compounds released when tobacco is burned." They also pointed out that the amount of nicotine was 10 times less than tobacco smoke. Pretty sure that when folks worry about real second-hand smoke, it's not the nicotine they're concerned about.

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