Man Caught Shipping Restricted U.S. Military Jamming Technology To Communist China

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Chinese businessman reportedly admits guilt
A Chinese national locked in federal custody without bail in Southern California since his December arrest after attempting to transfer restricted military technology to the People's Republic of China (PRC) confessed this month.

Exactly what Jian Dai (a.k.a. "Michael Tan") admitted isn't known because U.S. Department of Justice officials sealed huge portions of the case, including the terms of Dai's April 4 guilty plea.

According to one government document that is public, Dia repeatedly tried in 2013 to ship to the PRC "a TGA2517 power amplifying integrated chip, which is a '16 Watt X Band Power Amplifier' used in, among other things, applications for space and military communication jamming capabilities."

Assistant United States Attorney Allen W. Chui reports that such technology cannot be transferred out of the country without permission.

"At no time did defendant Dai have authorization in the form of a license from the U.S. Department of State to export the TGA2517 Integrated Chip from the United States to the PRC," Chui wrote in a court document.

The scheduled May 13 trial will now be abandoned, but what punishment Dai faces is unknown given the secrecy surrounding the case.

Dai--who was born in 1986--controls Shenzhen City Qian Hua Tai Technology Co. in China, Xingya Communication PTE Ltd. in Singapore and New Star Technology in Hong Kong.

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What was this A-hole doing with this technology in the first place? That's the real question..

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Model "minority" strikes again!

To think, whitey invented the airplane, put a man on the moon, developed Unix, the Internet, founded Apple and Microsoft. But we 'need' Asian immigrants to stay competitive in tech.


That this technology can be acquired by the Chinese businessman shows a gross lack of security of our national interests. That there are very complex application specific chips produced in China and used to build our weapon systems is a gross lack of security of our national interests. That these security lapses occur during Democrat regimes brings to question the competency of their mind set, and ability to secure this nation from foreign intervention overtly and or covertly. We will rue the day such people were allowed high office to circumvent our national security for their own personal interests at the expense of our national security.

Aaron Roach
Aaron Roach

Communist China, as opposed to the other one?



yep, your whitey kids are all stoned and slackers... too bad they spent time acting like wiggers instead of studying.. as for the asian immigrants that you disparage, their taxes pay for your entitlements.. so how about a little gratitude, whitey 


@Mr_H And if a chinese "scientist" applies for a job at a sensitive defense industry and is not hired, they will have all the civil libtards on their side as the discrimination lawsuit surges forward to a huuuge settlement.  Feinstein and her hubby have very close business ties to the PRC so they are not interested in protecting Amercian interests.

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