Charles Keating Jr. Dies: 5 Weekly Pokes at the Disgraced Lincoln Savings Operator

Charles Keating Jr., who parlayed running Irvine-based Lincoln Savings & Loan into a starring role as poster boy of the savings and loan crisis of the late-1980s, has died, his family announced. He was 90. Keating died late Monday at a Phoenix hospital; the cause of death was not released.

Keating was famously played by James Cromwell in the 1996 Milos Foreman film The People vs. Larry Flynt. The moral crusader accused the titular Hustler publisher of ''the destruction of the soul of our country'' years before Keating crushed the souls of elderly Orange County savers and investors who lost everything.

Between pop culture and hard news you'll find the gooey nougat center occupied by OC Weekly, which allowed Mr. Keating to infiltrate our content over the years. Enjoy five examples after the jump . . .

1. Greg Stacy's "25 Reasons McCain Sucks," October 2008

Sucking sound maker

7. He's Charles Keating Jr.'s ex-BFF.
In the late '80s, Charles Keating Jr., owner of Irvine-based Lincoln Savings and Loan, also owned McCain's ass. McCain and four other senators (the infamous "Keating Five") received ample campaign contributions from Keating. McCain partied like a pimp on Keating's dime, enjoying what he called "Charlie Keating's Shangri-La." Keating actually boasted to reporters about buying McCain's loyalty. The Keating Five pressured regulators to overlook Keating's illegal activities, leading to a bank failure costing taxpayers over $120 billion by some estimates. It was a dress rehearsal for our current horror show, with McCain at center stage. McCain officially cut ties to Keating in 1987. His wife's business partnership with Keating lasted until 1998, but McCain insists he didn't know.

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

" elderly Orange County savers "

Aren't they what your boss calls 'coffin dodgers'?

18usc241 topcommenter

It's extremely logical that this disgusting piece of defrauding garbage would come straight from the corrupt filth of Orange County, CA.

People in Orange County should prepare for a scandal courtesy their police community that will make most American scandals look like child's play. A cross between a pedophile priest, Bernie Madoff and Pablo Escobar.


Charles Keating should have died in jail.

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