Adrian Gomez Accused of Attempted Murder by Haircut

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A 23-year-old man giving a haircut at his Garden Grove home allegedly stabbed and cut his client.

Fantastic Stabs, anyone? ... Huh, huh? ... Hello?

Anyway, Adrian Gomez was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder Wednesday, according to Garden Grove police.

The incident happened just after 3 p.m. Tuesday at Gomez's residence in the 10000 block of Imperial Avenue, according to a statement from Garden Grove Police Lt. Ben Stauffer. Stanton 23-year-old Jeff Valenz went there for a scheduled appointment and for unknown reasons the desired trim included being stabbed in the neck, left elbow and left shoulder.

If I were Valenz, I'd think twice about leaving a nice tip after that. Actually, he didn't have time to think about that, going from the barber's chair to his driver's seat, frantically driving away while calling police, who caught up with him near (Paul?) Mitchell School near Trask and Taft.

Officers assessed Valenz's bloody wounds and had him taken to the UC Irvine Medical Center emergency room for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. He was released from the Orange facility Wednesday morning.

Valnez had let cops know who sliced him up and where he lived. Officers and the SWAT team went to Imperial Avenue, but Gomez was not home, Stauffer noted. Someone later contacted police to say Gomez had returned to the residence, where he was popped about 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, Stauffer said.

OK, if not Fantastic Stabs, how about Not-so-Supercuts?

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the victim went on an antigay rant knowing that the barber who is openly gay was getting very upset and it escalated... that's what i heard from a family friend. if it's true, the barber shouldve just kicked him out.. being an asshole doesnt justify getting stabbed...

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Demon barber of Euclid.

BTW, this is total underground economy stuff. Cash for the cut, none of that silly sales tax stuff. The rest of us pay 40% more in sales tax than we did in 1990.

Will Eudave
Will Eudave

i just heard about this at affiliatedlol

Stephen Zamora
Stephen Zamora

I'm suprised the oc weekly didn't accuse the arresting officers of brutality...

Ruben Diaz
Ruben Diaz

Jason Roberson The dude stabbed him in the neck. I don't think he was trying to tickle him...hence attempted murder.

Jason Roberson
Jason Roberson

How can they charge him with attempted murder if he was treated for non-life threatening wounds by the hospital?

Fred Stoces
Fred Stoces

what a bitch, taking advantage of someone when they have their guard down, instead of solving his problems like a man. LOSERRRR

949girl topcommenter

Fantastic Stabs...thanks for the morning laugh.

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