13 y.o. Boy Busted for Allegedly Packing Semi-Automatic Handgun and Ammo at School

A student who brought a semi-automatic handgun and ammunition to Jordan Intermediate School Monday morning was later booked on weapons charges, and four of his classmates at the Garden Grove school have been disciplined for having seen the weapon but failing to report it, police said.

The student who had the Colt Mark IV, .38 caliber handgun registered to an adult relative was only identified as Vietnamese American.

Officers were sent to the school at 9821 Woodbury Ave. at 9:41 a.m. Monday after receiving a report that a student in a classroom had a loaded gun in his backpack, reports Lt. Ben Stauffer, the Garden Grove police spokesman.

The gun had no magazine in it, but after the boy was detained by officers they discovered he had a loaded magazine in his front pants pocket, Stauffer said.

Here is a full view of the gun and magazine:

All photos courtesy of Garden Grove Police Department
The handgun and magazine

While the gun was properly registered to a family member who lives with the boy, a .22 caliber Ruger rifle that was not properly registered was seized by officers who'd served a search warrant at the 13-year-old's home. Here it is:


The boy was arrested and later booked into Orange County Juvenile Hall on weapons charges, informed Stauffer, who added an adult at the home was cited for a misdemeanor gun registration violation.

The Garden Grove School District notified parents about the incident Monday evening, stating no children were threatened and that classes that day proceeded normally.

Stauffer says school officials told him four other students who had seen the handgun in the boy's possession on campus but who failed to report it to school staff were disciplined. One student, a recent transfer, was sent back to his original school campus. The other three were suspended and will not return to Jordan Intermediate School, Stauffer related.

Someone else did inform school staff about the handgun, which led to the call to police.

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fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

Notice how little outrage there is over the 13-year-old Vietnamese kid who brought a GUN to school...but the 14-year-old Latino kid who got caught tagging is apparently the devil incarnate...hello, double standard. :-(

JGlanton topcommenter

.38 Super is a hot load for a little boy. 

Whoever chopped down the stock on the .22 is going to Barbara Boxer have a stroke when she sees an "assault weapon".

Karen McHale
Karen McHale

Why is the kid in custody and the idiot adult only charged with a misdemeanor? It should be the other way around. It was the adult's registered weapon. He allowed the kid to get a hold of it because he obviously didn't store it properly. But the adult gets the slap on the wrist! Our gun laws are fucked up.

JGlanton topcommenter

Aaah, here comes the latino grievance committee. Give the outrage some time to stew, it'll happen. 


@JGlanton It's properly known as the Latino racial grievance and victimization complex, but misma cosa.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter


I give you props for your civil tone...

"Latino Grievance Committee"...perhaps they would accept this "mick" as a honorary member...

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