Public's Help Sought in Identifying Woman's Remains Found at Caspers Wilderness Park

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Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department
It is hoped detailed descriptions of the clothing above will jog someone's memory so the Orange County Sheriff's Department can identify the remains of a petite woman found Jan. 6 in Caspers Wilderness Park in rural southeast Orange County.

It is estimated the remains were exposed to the elements for at least six months, according to deputies, who add preliminary testing determined they belong to a petite female, at least age 30, with shoulder length wavy dark brown hair with light colored highlights. She also had "a very distinct gold colored dental bridge on her left lower jaw and possibly had a broken nose at some point in her life," according to a sheriff's statement.

The photographs are of clothing recovered with the remains and consisted of the following:

1. A size small, dark colored windbreaker type of jacket.




It has snaps and is manufactured by Auburn Sportswear. The front right side of the jacket has the embroidered words "Coach Williams" on it and the front left side of the jacket has a logo depicting a volleyball or a water polo ball.

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where in the park?  Near the hot springs or elsewhere?

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

Interesting this important information is released ten weeks after the discovery of the body. I suppose there are good reasons but still, I would think with this new info, SOMEONE would have to know something.

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