Van H. Vu, Fountain Valley Pain Doctor, May Lose License Due to Patient Overdose Deaths

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Fountain Valley pain doctor Van H. Vu has been linked to 17 patient deaths, and the California Medical Board would like to suspend or revoke his license to practice for three of them.

The board alleges in a complaint disclosed Friday that Vu failed to address signs of trouble and continued prescribing powerful narcotics--at times in higher doses and dangerous combinations--to the patients.

Dr. Van Vu Linked to 17th Patient O.D. Death

The Los Angeles Times previously reported on the 17 deaths linked to Vu, whose defense has been some patients suffered from depression and substance abuse and the doctor can't control what they do after they leave his office.

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Why do you put ecstasy pills in the photo accompanying a narcotic story.  Oh yeah, weakly, check!

JBinOC topcommenter

Forget the pain medicine, what did he take to make himself look like the bastard child of Dick Clark and former coach/FOX NFL Sunday 'caster Jimmy Johnson?

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