Travis Dewayne Batten Jr., Former Auto Mechanic, Guilty of Rape and Attempted Rape

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A jury Thursday found a former mechanic at Fletcher Jones Motorcars in Newport Beach guilty of twice raping an Irvine woman and trying to rape a Newport Beach woman after breaking into their homes.

Travis Dewayne Batten Jr., 31, of Irvine, sobbed as the guilty verdicts were announced, according to a reporter in the courtroom.

Travis Dewayne Batten Jr. Popped for Rapes Dating Back to 2005

He wasn't sobbing around 9 p.m. on May 20, 2005, when a 40-year-old woman returned to her Newport Beach residence only to be confronted by a man wearing a mask who had broken in. She was thrown to the ground, forced into her bedroom, bound with duct tape around her wrists and over her mouth--and then had her breasts and vagina fondled. The intruder did not rape her but she was punched twice in the head so severely it broke the attacker's hand. He told the woman he would come back if she called police and then fled. She called 9-1-1 anyway.

Newport Beach police investigators collected DNA at the scene that was processed by the Orange County Crime Lab and entered in the local and state DNA databases.

Then, at about 11:30 p.m. on Nov. 30, 2006, a man wearing a dark mask broke into the Irvine apartment of a 21-year-old woman who was showering. When she walked back into her bedroom, she was confronted by the stranger, who threw her to the ground, bound her hands and raped her. He would sodomize and rape her a second time before ordering her back into the shower and ordering her not to contact police before fleeing. She called 9-1-1 also.

Irvine police investigators also collected DNA at the scene that was entered into the local and state DNA databases. A hit came back matching the DNA to genetic material collected in the 2005 sexual assault down in Newport Beach.

Next, around midnight on July 8, 2010, a man in a mask broke into the Irvine apartment of a 24-year-old woman who was also showering. He would also throw her to the ground, bind her hands, rape her and force her to engage in mutual oral copulation. She too was later ordered into the shower and told not to call police before he fled, but she also contacted the cops.

Irvine and Newport Beach police worked together to find a serial rapist. Batten was put under surveillance after his car was spotted around an Irvine apartment complex where there had been several reports of peeping, according to Deputy District Attorney Whitney Bokosky. But no case could be made against Batten without his DNA. In July 2011, that changed.

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I grew up with this kid. Sick shit.


Glad he was caught and convicted. Horrible crimes were committed. 

What this also does is remind us that vicious Crime does also happen in South Orange County.

That myth has always troubled me as a lifelong O.C. resident.


You people are all immature assholes on here. This pile of shit needs to rot in hell. And everyone should stop making jokes about whathe did. These women will live with this forever, after having to relive it so many times. Your a sick pig travis.

whateveryousay topcommenter

I wonder if his "Check Engine" light was on?


Maybe a typo but what is, "Digital penetration?" 

" penetration, sodomy and assault..."


Mandatory 100 years with a chance for parole after 90 will work for all the women of the world lol.

949girl topcommenter

He's one scary looking mofo!

JGlanton topcommenter

@scoryell1   What do you call those ten sticks coming out from your knuckles?

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@JGlanton @scoryell1Here's the thing: when I've in the past used "fingered," which everybody immediately understands, I catch a bunch of shit for not being "classy." So I've been using cop jargon many don't understand just to make the bloody yelling stop. #Victim

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