Taiwanese Animators Take On Gov. Jerry Brown

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I wasn't going to post anything on Governor Jerry Brown saying that legalizing marijuana might turn everyone into a bunch of lazy stoners because who cares. I could go on all day about how how much tax revenue California could be raking in if our state's political leadership wasn't so beholden to law enforcement special interests.

In fact, I will go on a bit about that. Late last month, Colorado officials announced they expect to earn $184 million in taxes within the first 18 months since legalization took effect on Jan. 1. Meanwhile, here in California, our statewide medical marijuana industry is in disarray and the only people earning any money from the situation are lawyers and cops. And it looks like the soonest voters will have a chance to vote in favor of legalizing pot won't be until November 2016.

On a brighter note, those wacky Taiwanese animators have a funny video depicting Jerry Brown as a senile old fart as well as gun-toting Colorado rednecks turning into brownie-eating stoners after being put under a pot spell by some kind of marijuana pixie.

Click here to see the video and enjoy!

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Medical Marijuana has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country. This goes to show just how much of a demand exists for access to medicinal marijuana.


Maybe the Taiwnese should worry about they're own problems.

There doesn't seem to be one here in California.

Your political problems are a hell of a lot worse than what you think

we have with Jerry Brown!

paullucas714 topcommenter

ha cute. The CA Democratic Convention is this weekend. Maybe a good old smoke in is in order!!

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