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Today's Pennysaver ad of the week is brought to you by the letters Tom and Cruise.


Look, we can all get a little jumping-up-and-down-on-Oprah's-couch hyper sometimes, so I decided to Google the phone number that I conveniently cropped out of the above ad.

Topping the links list was South Coast Mission in Lake Forest, which made me think, "OK, this is some Christian-based outreach for troubled souls."

But the tabs to "Take the Personality Test" reminded me of something else, so I went to the FAQ page assuming question No. 1 would be "Is South Coast Mission affiliated with the Church of Scientology?" But that question or any reference to the, uh, movement started by L. Ron Hubbard was nowhere to be found on the site. (If I missed it, let me know.)

So back I went to Mr. Google and, sure enough, a listing shows South Coast Mission and the Church of Scientology share the exact same Lake Forest address. Sandwiched between those two links is this:


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Now that's what I call connect the dots journalism! The Rip-off reports brings the story full circle. Gotta love the girlfriend in the story though. Can you imagine being sold out by your lover for 300 bucks and a kindle? And then it gets even better! She's a bank robber to boot!

JGlanton topcommenter

** Personality Test will determine if Applicant has the requisite financial resources (approx. $500,000) required to attain high enough Operating Thetan level to receive the knowledge that your nervousness is caused by being implanted into a volcano and H-bombed 95 million years ago by Xenu in an evil attempt to solve the overpopulation problem in the Galactic Federation. So, naturally, any of us would have anxiety issues under such horrific holocaust circumstances, and these would last through a vast number of past lifetimes and physical bodies.


Tom Cruise is a very small minded (and small in general) man. Any of the 'celebrities' that joined up with Scientology of their own volition - generally when they were adults - should be sent to a proper psychiatric facility where they can get their heads examined by QUALIFIED mental health professionals. I mean come on, if Scientology is so great and helping them so much then explain Kirstie Alley, or why they feel the need to lock people up and force them to perform menial labor being ostracized and deprived of basic needs like adequate food and sleep as punishment for wanting to leave or some other trivial nonsense! If people are allowed to come and go freely and they still choose to return (instead of locking them in a shed or some other nonsense) as members of Scientology, I'd be more than ok with them calling what they're involved in a religion and that they qualify  for all the things that other recognized religions are permitted in most countries. Even the Catholics don't chain their faithful up in a cellar if they confess that they're doubting their beliefs in some way. Maybe back in the dark ages, but now, not so much.

JGlanton topcommenter

@MatthewTCoker  Glad to be of service. I have held the "two cans" so I have some experience in this matter. 

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