Orly Taitz Allegedly Manufactures Tea Party Backing of Her CA Attorney General Run

Now Orly Taitz is even alienating the tea party crowd.

A Tea Party Nation columnist claims the Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady/Queen of the Birfers/dried-up Russian bride is fraudulently claiming he and the Tea Party Nation have endorsed Taitz's candidacy for California attorney general.

"If Tea Party Nation or I endorse anyone in the California Attorney General's race, it won't be Orly Taitz," writes Judson Phillips.

Go to OrlyTaitzEsq.com, the website Taitz uses to update her followers on her unsuccessful attempts to prove Barack Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen, an you'll find a tab that lists her endorsements in the AG race.

"Near the bottom of the page is a column I wrote three years ago about Taitz," notes Midlothian, VA-based Phillips. "The column commented favorably on her tenacity in filing these lawsuits and in pursuing a case she believed in.

"However, the website leads some people to believe that either Tea Party Nation or I have endorsed Taitz in her race. Neither Tea Party Nation nor I have endorsed her. Nor will we."

Judson Phillips
Phillips goes on to explain that since he wrote the piece in 2011 praising Taitz that his opinion of her has changed--"and not for the better. Today I would not write what I wrote three years ago."

What he will write about her now is that Taitz apparently believes it is OK to lie to the electorate.

"[W]hy does she have to put something on her website that makes it appear that a group and an individual have endorsed her when that is not the case?" Phillips asks. "There two things I can safely predict for this time next year. The first is I will be a year older and the second is Orly Taitz will not be the Attorney General of California."


Some readers support Phillips.

"Thanks for your candid update, Judson!" writes Phil McConathy.

"I haven't researched her lately, but she will never win the AG in CA--her 'brand' has too many negatives," adds Catherine [no last name given]. "We need to win offices whether state or federal not lose them with poor or brand-damaged candidates!"

Other readers take Phillips to task.

"I respect Orly Taitz. She has put her actions where her mouth is," comments Debrajoe Smith-Beatt. "That is more than I can say for others."

Richard Eugene Thorton Jr. either feels the need to virtually shout or has a sticky all-caps button on his keyboard: "IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT A CONSERVATIVE SAY NOTHING AT ALL! You do not speak for the Tea Party as a whole and I get the feeling you think you do! In this race, in the far off land of Eden, I know nothing but I do know if you do not live in California you should hush! Time for us to build not tear down, many here support Orly Taiz!"

However, as if proving Phillips' point, Taitz cut and paste only the positive comments below Phillips' column and--with no context about them being attached to something critical of her--created a new entry on her site titled "Tea Party Nation stands up in support of Attorney Orly Taitz and her run for Attorney General of CA."

Amazing! I swear this lady is a performance artist punking us all.

Elsewhere on her site, perhaps feeling stung by Phillips and there having been no mention of her during the live Academy Awards telecast, Taitz includes the following:

"Oscars dedicating a presentation to heroes and courage. Well, it takes a lot of courage to go to court and challenge a charlatane [sic] with stolen and fabricated IDs usurping the WH. It is particularly hard when people who call themselves constitutionalists, civil rights leaders and supporters, stab you in the back."

David James Manning twists the knife with this mock trailer for a movie he's dubbed Orly Taitz Liar, Liar:

Have fun answering the misspelled summons, Davey!

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 Orly Taitz is a hero.  Some people say you should only speak the truth if it is to your advantage.  Orly is willing to stand firm on truth even when the most vicious people attack her.  She knows she has truth, she knows it should matter even though powerful forces can and do easily block her.  She is a hero not because of how well she tries to stop fraud, she is a hero because she has truth and stands firm with it regardless of the political calculations.  

For those mockers and conservative haters that get angry at my opinion I ask, "How do you rationalize the fraudulent birth certificate released by the White House, the one with the several layers of photoshop that hadn't been compressed?"  Walk that fact through your thinking system and you will see that you are a coward next to brave people like Orly Taitz.

18usc241 topcommenter

Orly Taitz - a classic biodegradable by-product of #orangecounty CA.


Hey, why not? The "Tea Party" is a wholly manufactured sock-puppet of the US Chamber of Conmmerce anyway. It's ranks are filled with dupes, paid lackeys and the masters they serve.

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

@18usc241  And Todd Spitzer won't run for DA either because he can't even show up at one of his own sponsored job fairs. I know because I was there and the OC table was closed and empty. Nobody ever called me back for any of the 25 jobs I applied for.

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