Nahla Kayali of AccessCal Named by the White House a Cesar E. Chavez "Champion of Change"

The Arab American Institute
Nahla Kayali, a "Champion for Change"
Nahla Kayali, founder and executive director of the Anaheim nonprofit Access California Services, is being honored by the White House today as a Cesar E. Chavez "Champion of Change."

To be clear, that's Barack Obama's White House, not Bruno Serato's (speaking of champions for change).

Kayali is one of 10 community leaders nationwide to be honored today in D.C.

She's getting the nod on what is Cesar Chavez Day for having helped improve the lives of thousands of under-served immigrants and refugees in Southern California since 1998. Her AccessCal is a health and human services nonprofit for underserved Arab-American and Muslim-American communities.

"Under Ms. Kayali's leadership, the organization provides programs in 15 languages delivered by 30 staff including 10 AmeriCorps members," reads the White House announcement (that you can read in full on the next page).

"Programs include: health access in government programs including ObamaCare, employment services, citizenship and immigration services, mental health services, refugee support services, English as a Second Language and client advocacy. Ms. Kayali is described as a foot soldier for her community in making sure individuals and families receive access to quality services."

"This is a lifetime honor to be recognized by the White House in light of Cesar Chavez's legacy, serving as a testament that working hard creates change," Kayali says in a statement of her own. "I have dedicated my life and soul for the humanitarian cause of serving everyone in need, particularly Arab- and Muslim-American immigrant and refugee communities who have demonstrated the ability to overcome barriers and become contributing citizens."

Read more about her and the other Champions for Change on the next page . . .

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

In other words, this foreigner has spent a career 'accessing' tax payer dollars for her own ethnic group.


What a Moran you are! She's an American like you're ancestors that immigrated here. She came here in 1974 and is living the American dream. She helps The community of all walks of life including ignorant people like you. The government supports her. Her organization is federally funded and state funded. Her own ethnic group is a part the American fabric just like any other ethnic group including yours you idiot. Thanks for keeping racism alive you ignorant idiot. Her kids were born and raised in OC. They are as American as Apple pie. I happen to be her son and your ignorance hurts the America you love that we all love.


As a matter of fact although the organization is geared towards Arabs that are Muslim and Christians they help all. So to answer you're question yes. As a non profit that is federally funded and state funded it is against the law not to help any American. So as long as those Israelis that you are worried about are Americans then yes. On a side note why would an Israeli need help here. Our government gives them more than 3 billion dollars a year anyway. An Israeli doesn't need to come to America for help they can just stay put in Israel and they get it. I'm her son by the way. I own a popular Palestinian restaurant in Anaheim's little Arabia called the Olive Tree. We have a lot of Israeli customers. My parents didn't raise us to hate anyone including ignorant people.

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