Kyle Alan Veach Guilty of Bank Robbery That Had Him Using Public Bus for Getaway

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Hey, remember Kyle Alan Veach, the 25-year-old Laguna Beach bank robber who tried to make his getaway in an Orange County Transportation Authority bus?

The transient pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree robbery.

He's now scheduled to be sentenced on April 30.

Criming for Dummies: Super-Slow OCTA Bus as Bank Robbery Getaway Car Edition

Just before noon on July 17, Veach handed a note announcing the robbery to a teller at a U.S. Bank branch at 310 Glenneyre St., although he did not show a weapon. He left the bank with some cash.

Witnesses described the robber for police and pointed to the direction in which he fled. About an hour later, a Laguna Beach cop spotted someone matching the description of the bank robber waiting at a bus stop at Jasmine Street and North Pacific Coast Highway. He still had the bank loot on him.

Veach had kept cops busy before, having been arrested for the burglary of a home on Hillcrest Drive in March 2012, after Costa Mesa Police found him in a motel in that city with items stolen in Laguna Beach. Veach was also arrested for possessing stolen property in Laguna in 2011.

He'd been in custody since his arrest for the bank job.

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18usc241 topcommenter

This is why I can't understand why this criminal justice community feels the crack addict need to cheat all the time? For instance Tony's main man obstructing discovery in the trial of a mass murderer salon killer caught on videotape with witnesses? Since your average defendant isn't that bright your constant cheating suggests a money making scheme is in play.


cant blame him bad economy no jobs 

20ftjesus topcommenter

Damn.  That was gonna be his down payment on some new wheels. 

18usc241 topcommenter

Si pendejo.

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