Joe Gregorio, Husband of One of the New Real Housewives of OC, Announces He's Not Gay

The Gregorios
Joe Gregorio is not one of the new MILFs on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County, and his wife Danielle Gregorio does not make her debut as a Real Housewife until the new season premieres on April 24. And yet, the Villa Park husband and father of three felt compelled to announce he's not gay.

Apparently, rumors began swirling about Joe Gregorio's sexual preference before the premiere, supposedly growing so loudly he felt the need to come out ... and let everyone know he's not a homosexual.

(I add "apparently" and "supposedly" because I fear this is just another of the several manufactured controversies we hear and read about in the weeks leading up to new seasons of RHOC.)

Well, Joe Gregorio apparently (there I do again) has a "PR team" that banged out the following:

Rumors regarding Joe's sexuality and that he is gay are false and untrue. Joe is a loving husband and father to his three children and has never been unfaithful to Danielle during their time together. Joe takes these defamatory statements against him, his wife, and his family very seriously and is exploring any and all legal options to eradicate them.


No-homo Joe's married to a party planner who was one of only two new cast members Bravo could scrape up because, speaking of rumor-mongering, "nobody wanted to join the show" and "Orange County is one of the lowest paying in the franchise and people with real money aren't interested in the show's antics and drama." That's from one of those never-named sources whose bombshells drop ever more frequently in the weeks leading up to new seasons of RHOC.

As for Danny's hubby, has anyone considered he just might be another "Lyle, The Effeminate Heterosexual," played so brilliantly by Dana Carvey on Saturday Night Live?

"I'm whaaaaaaat!?!"

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My best friend is Gay and he is more of a man than any guy I've ever dated. I'm sure that's the deal with this wedding planner, she married her gay besty. 


Maybe not, but that kid in the black socks is DEFINATELY BATTING FOR THE OTHER TEAM!

Poor Kid.

Steve Manciet
Steve Manciet

If he is and hiding it, its stupid to be on a reality show, or its gonna come out, stupid!!

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

Publicity stunt or not, is it really anyone's business whether Joe is gay or not? Isn't that something for him and the wife to work out in private? But what really annoys me about a lot of folks who assume a man is gay because he's "effeminate" or a woman is gay because she is "masculine" is the fact that they act like "acting" gay is some kind of character defect.

949girl topcommenter

I'm going to miss Slade Smiley this season...NOT.

Jennifer Mizban
Jennifer Mizban

I've known many effeminate straight men. I never make assumptions, its all good with me. My issue is that if anyone watches this show, they will discover the location of Villa Park (OC's hidden jewel?) and I just might have to move. Luckily its such a lousy show, that I will wait until the numbers come in to decide whether my hideaway has been compromised.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter


I'm really glad one doesn't actually lose IQ points reading comments as ignorant as yours. It seems you think being gay is the equivalent of having some horrible disease. Grow up.

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