Francisco Ayala Jr. Cleared of Rape at St. Joe's Due to Accuser's Santa Ana Police Vendetta

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See the update on Page 2 about the jury finding the defendant not guilty after hearing the rape accusation was planned as part of a suit against the Santa Ana Police Department.

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 18, 8:33 A.M.: A 30-year-old former St. Joseph Hospital emergency room worker was acquitted Monday of sexually assaulting a patient.

Francisco Ayala Jr. of Anaheim had claimed he engaged in a consensual sexual act with the woman, who was 33 when it was alleged the incident happened in March 2011.

Francisco Ayala Jr., Patient Care Tech Held in Hospital Rape, Administers Ugliest Police Mugshot of Week

Ayala was facing 24 years in state prison if he'd been convicted of the charges against him, which included felony rape by use of drugs, rape of a person unable to resist due to unconsciousness of the act, sodomy by anesthesia or controlled substance, and oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance.

The woman had reported she'd been raped to the hospital, which contacted the Orange Police Department, which conducted the investigation and made the arrest.

UPDATE, MARCH 18, 11:16 A.M.: It was not the prosecution showing the alleged rape victim was mentally unstable, legally drunk and on pot that undid their case against former St. Joseph's emergency room technician Francisco Ayala Jr.

It was the defense claiming the accuser used the rape allegation to sue the Santa Ana Police Department, which she believed had unjustly taken her children away from her.

The responding cop being caught in a lie on the stand did not help either.

City News Service has the full story on the next page ...

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