OC Register Co-Owner Eric Spitz Thinks He's the Only Person Ever to Grow Up in House Shared by 2 Families

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Meanwhile, Kushner continues to piper along...
Here at Navel Gazing, we're always trashing Orange County Register owner and publisher Aaron Kushner for his attempts to save journalism with his shiny, happy, comfort-the-comforted approach to newspaper-dom. We rarely talk about the other owner of the Reg: Eric Spitz, a guy who maybe we should pay more attention to, since the few times he has spoken makes him come off as even more out of touch with reality than Kushner.

Take, for instance, a recent puff piece by the Register's Minister of Information, Eric Morgan. Morgan summed up what he called a "rare glimpse" into the lives of Kushner and Spitz by detailing the information offered at a Feb. 19 panel sponsored by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce. There, Spitz offered a bizarre anecdote: he said he grew up in a household shared by two families (his nuclear family, and that of his aunt, uncle and cousins), and that he's never met any two families ever sharing similar circumstances.


The exact passage, as described by Morgan:

When Napoli asked Spitz about his experience growing up in suburban Philadelphia, Spitz described how his parents moved in with his aunt and uncle when he was three. Four adults and five boys lived in the house, which had frequent visitors. He thought when he went to college at University of Pennsylvania he'd hear at least one similar story about two sets of families - completely integrating - sharing the same kitchen, living room, dining room and bathrooms throughout their childhood. To this day, he hasn't. The two sets of families still share the same house more than 40 years later.
The full puff piece is here --not guarded by the Reg's increasingly porous paywall, of course.

Man, homeboy has obviously never talked to anyone in SanTana...PENDEJO!

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Spitz is Jonah Hill to Kusner's Leo DiCaprio. Gustavo, next big OCR hatchet should be titled, "The Wolf of Grand Avenue."

JBinOC topcommenter

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the Spitz family, since he's uniting the Register and the Press-Enterprise...and eliminating redundant positions along the way!


OC register is terrible- most articles focus on sensational journalism. So annoying


Well the stupid man reuined the OC Register! Not friendly or good stories any more!!!!!


Or "the Wolf of pay Wall Street."

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